NOVEMBER 7th 2015

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper


Well it is with a heavy heart that I head down to the Commodore Ballroom tonight. November 7th and 8th, are the last shows that 3 Inches of Blood will be doing, they are finishing their long-lasting career. I am secretly hoping for a return though.

First up tonight is the band Black Wizard, and out of Vancouver, great support to 3IOB, they are labelled heavy metal, but seem to be a little more than that. They played an excellent set, with some massive riffs. Their songs can be slow or full on, either way, you will get a great sound. I am not sure what kind of sound, they say they are heavy metal, but you can also get some doom out of it. Definitely have their own identity. Just start to the night.

Bison, (for some of you, yes, Bison BC, but with a name change to Bison now). I enjoyed most of their set, but the slower songs, were just too slow for me tonight. The crowd was very enthusiastic though about all songs. They did execute their performance well, and they were another good band to lead up to 3 Inches of Blood.

In all fairness, it had to have been tough to be the opening bands tonight, as everyone was waiting for 3Inches, knowing this was the 2nd to last set ever to be played.

Up next is who everyone in this crowd was waiting for. It has been a long time since I have seen these guys. I have had the distinct pleasure of watching them grow since they exploded on the scene in 1999, until the untimely and sad ending. Now I have to say, yes, for whatever reason, they have decided to call it quits, that is their choice, but hell, after listening to both sets, the world is missing out on one heck of a band. Vocalist Cam Pipes, guitarist Justin Hagberg, guitarist Shane Clark, and drummer Ash Pearson could not have gone out on a better note though. There are so many others, sorry, that should have called it quits, but not Vancouver’s own 3 Inches of Blood, considering they have so much to offer us, I stood right up front, the only place to be and enjoy their farewell show. There isn’t a song that the crowd didn’t go wild for, and boy they played such a host of songs. The vocals, are amazing, Cams especially, in my opinion, could fill Bruce Dickinson’s shoes, yes he is that good. Did you know in 2006 they opened for Iron Maiden. Something most would have on their bucket list. I truly hope that they have some kind of side projects that we can enjoy. Looking around the room at the reactions tonight, horns high, singing along, moshing, everyone was getting more than they bargained for. I can’t name every song, but they ranged from classics like Deadly Sinners to some new off Long Live Heavy Metal. And take a step back, they played Rush’s Tom Sawyer, and nailed it, never thought I would enjoy another bands version of Rush, I was wrong, and that is because of the talent behind 3IOB.

There were many special people in attendance tonight, including parents of all the guys, and so many friends and family. Also included, some past members: Byron Stroud, guitarist Bobby Froese, drummer Matt Wood, and vocalist Jamie Hopper. We were all there to make it a memorable night, a great farewell, and to thank them for 16 years of the finest of 3IOB.  

This is a pretty sad day for the metal community in Vancouver, loosing one of it’s best. Sorry to see 3 Inches of Blood depart. That being said, I wish each and every one of you a ton of success in whatever you decide to do.