SEPTEMBER 9th 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

This was just the greatest venue, Abbotsford Centre,  to hold this show in. Lots of room, lots of security, great sound system, good lighting, making for a terrific evening. I was fortunate enough to also be given a general floor ticket, and let me tell you, this was the only way to experience all 4 sets.

The venue also supplied special items on their food menu: In the spirit of Five Finger Death Punch's single Jekyll and Hyde they featured a special item on our Friday night menu, a foot long all beef hot dog! Jekyll Style - plain hot dog with the normal fixings, Hyde Style - topped with blue cheese slaw, tater tots and spicy BBQ sauce!

I personally have not seen any of these bands perform before, I have worked with Metaltitans for almost 7 years now, and not had that opportunity. I pre-listened to all of them, and knew right from the get go this was going to be my kind of show. And so the countdown began.

Also, the bands are funneling some of the funds earned from their touring to a good cause. One dollar of each ticket sold will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross organization.

The first night of the tour started here in Abbotsford September 9th and will continue right through until September 28th in Halifax, NS.

FROM ASHES TO NEW, (Eleven Seven Music), rock/alternative metal/rap-rock was first to hit the stage, these guys opened for FFDP/Papa Roach fall tour in 2015, and they haven’t stopped since. There may not have been many people on the floor when they first started, but once they got going, it began to fill. Looking around the room, people were enjoying the first band, and so was I, you get a little of everything with FATN, they had the enthusiasm up there on stage, they moved around, and their look was unique too. Oh yeah, Metal Mom was enthusiastic, with some horns high, head nodding, (I can’t head bang to save my life). All the members on stage brought their expertise and gave full force. Everything, every song they played, they had the energy and passion, heavy-hitting melodies with a strong message that just drew you in. Terrific set. I also have a guitar pic as well. Score.

Next, oh boy next was a thrill to watch. SIXX AM (Eleven Seven Music), rock, all out rock. I am guessing a lot of draw comes from the fact that Nikki Sixx is in the band. Let me tell you though, he is not the only member that brings the rock n’roll to the forefront. There are some pretty amazing vocals from James Michael, and phenomenal guitar work from DJ Ashba, I was like do I stand here and be in awe or do I enjoy myself and sing along with some songs, along with horns high. These guys were absolutely amazing. They played a variety of songs, but when they did some from their newest album “Vol.1 Prayers for the Damned”, the crowd went crazy, so did I. I will not miss SIXX AM next time they come to town, great performance, lots of energy, pulling it all together, it fit like a glove. Perfection. I am now still playing the songs you played last night, while looking at my set list I acquired.

Next is PAPA ROACH, (Eleven Seven Music) Rock/Alternative. In fact, I prefer to think of them as nu-metal.  Now this band I know the name from years ago, more chart toppers at the time when my kids were growing up, they sort of listened to them. Then of course being with Metaltitans, I was more prone to listen to a more metal/death style bands. But hey, I am always open to listening to all kinds of music, and I am glad I was up front for them. Talk about endless energy, singer Jacoby Shaddix was all over the venue, with a spotlight on him, he was easy to follow. He was encouraging people to stand, not to just sit in their seats, didn’t last long though, you turned, and everyone was plunked back down. Too bad, because standing gives you so much more room to throw those horns high, clap, whatever to show your appreciation for what they do. This you won’t believe, but they actually had a wall of death, and some crowd surfing, didn’t see that coming. Great selection of songs. So much energy, almost got tired just watching them. But they brought their show to Abbotsford, and I can tell everyone in that venue appreciated it. Outstanding performance.

Next, oh geesh, I have wanted to see these guys for a long time, but for whatever reason, it never happened until tonight. WOOHOO!! FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH (Eleven Seven Music) heavy metal. Whatever you call them, they royally kicked major ass this night, the first of their tour. I don’t even think I can adequately do them justice in this review. I just want to say they #*@! ruled and they owned the night. Oh and you know you could hear me singing to their songs, a little off key, but I so enjoyed myself. They even had two acoustic songs, which everyone in the house did not take their eyes off of Ivan and Jason. The audience had lighters held high, or cell phones, whatever you had, really made for an impressive moment. Hope someone caught that look for future photos.  The guys all moved around on stage, I love it because then you get the chance to see them all at their best. FFDP, no one even comes close to these guys in performance. I also appreciate what they sing about, life, the ups and downs, which we all have at one time or another. But they do it so eloquently. They really did such an amazing job of all the songs they played, but truthfully it was not long enough for me. That’s what happens right, when you enjoy it so much. Ivan even brought a lot of children up on stage, so cool to see the kids up there, some were dancing. He also has a bat that he gives away every performance, and he presented it to a little girl who it was her birthday, then he said not to hit her brother. I am hooked without a doubt, the songs, the music, their performance, there is nothing they could do to make it better (well except play longer), I am greedy, especially when this was my first show of theirs. You need to see them. If I can manage to stand up front, and throw my horns high, to belt out those songs, and just thoroughly enjoy and take so many great memories home with me. You need it too. I also walked away with 2 picks. Thank you Chris and Jason.

This is an exceptional tour, each and every band gave it their all. I am in awe, I have a lot of respect and admiration for all these bands tonight. Please just go see this tour, there are still plenty of dates to choose from:

Remaining Tour Dates are:

Sept 13 Enmax Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta
Sept 14 Brandt Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan
Sept 16 Canalta Centre, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Sept 17 Rexall Place, Edmonton, Alberta
Sept 18 Saskatel, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Sept 20 MTS Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sept 23 GM Centre, Oshawa, Ontario
Sept 24 Budweiser Gardens, London, Ontario
Sept 26 Videotron Centre, Quebec City
Sept 27 Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, New Brunswick
Sept 28 Scotia Bank Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia