FEBRUARY 22nd 2015

Review by YouFO

Genre: Stoner Rock

Hometown: Vancouver, BC Canada

Band Members:
Dave - Vocals
Hugo - Guitar
Casey - Guitar
Darin - Bass
Eddie - Drums

Description: Vancouver based stoner rock band putting their own spin on the classic groove based heaviness of bands like Kyuss and Black Sabbath.

Influences: Kyuss, Down, Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu, Orange Goblin, etc.

Band Interests: Heavy music, beer, smoke.
Track Listing:
1. The Repressed
2. 20 and 8
3. Serpent Queen
4. A Call to Rise
5. Burn the Saints
6. The Awakening
7. I'm Not Mad (I'm just disappointed)
8. Song of the Dead
9. Sacred Stone

I was handed this to review with having no idea on just who this band was, other than they were from Vancouver. It's actually kind of cool to get a hold of music that is the bands first album, get a chance to review and say my two cents about it.

First off I am not a stoner music listener at all, and sometimes that is a good thing, to review something out of your norm, with an open mind of course. So here it goes.

I have enough stoner friends to know this is perfect stoner music, you know lay back, chill with a beer or whatever your choice might be ;) and listen to some tunes. Musically this was well put together, obviously they thought about what they wanted to put out to people. I would like to have heard the music a little more, it was a little too soft, but hard to hear with the clean crisp vocals. I much preferred the deeper vocals of course. I think with the clean clear vocals they stood out quit alot, over the music, so for me, it was a few listens to really grasp what the music sounded like. It was great, stoner nailed. It really was a great album, I would just like to see the vocals toned down a hair, not so prominent. Other than that, even though I am not a fan of this music, I found it enjoyable, and could tell they put their heart into this.