JANUARY 29th, 2014

We at MetalTitans, recently got the opportunity to do a written interview with the band 88 Mile Trip from the Vancouver, BC area.  Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.

1. 88 Mile Trip is a unique name for a band, I thought it was because you had been on a trip that was 88 miles long, but that’s not the case, tell us how you came to have this name .

Like most bands we went through hell and high water trying to come up with a name that  isn’t already taken by at least 50 other bands.  We probably went through a couple hundred before we actually settled on 88 Mile Trip.  The name itself came from a list of band names Casey had written down on a piece of paper, and one of them as a joke was “Doc Pot, Marty McHigh and the 88 Mile Trip”, which is obviously a Back To The Future reference.  We decided to cut the first half of the name and just stick with 88 Mile Trip, as we liked how it sounded and thought it fit the music and lyrics.

2.  When did the band come together ?

The band came together as a whole in March of 2012, so we haven’t even been together for a  year.  

3.  Were you all friends, can you tell us how it is that each of the band members came to be in 88 Mile Trip ?

Well the formation of the band began when Darin and Hugo, who jammed with their respective bands Entropia and Lethal Halo across the hall from each other at Diamond Sharp Studios, began talking about putting something together in the stoner rock vein.  Casey and Dave were found on a craigslist ad, and Eddie was playing drums in Entropia with Darin, the rest as they say is almost history.

4.  What makes you classify your music as stoner rock ? What elements are involved ?

GROOVE!  That’s what stoner rock is all about!  Making very heavy, very distorted yet very fun and easy to listen and groove to music is the mantra of this band and the genre we play in.  

5.  Your influences you say are Kyuss, Down, Black Sabbath, Fu Manchu, Orange Goblin, etc do all of you have the same influences or did each of you have some of these and brought them into the band ?

Every member of the band has their own stuff they’re into, but those bands we have listed are the ones that are pretty much universal for all of us.  They are all the pillars of the genre so they should be an influence to anyone who plays this kind of music.   A couple of other ones we are into are Weedeater, Lazer/Wulf, Chron Goblin, Black Wizard, Truckfighters, Scorpion Child, Sasquatch….everyone oughta check those bands out!

6.  Who creates the lyrics for the band ?  And where does the inspiration come from ?

Dave and Casey create the lyrics for the band.   They tend to hit a wide base of topics….death and doom, horror, witches, skateboarding , mind control, weed demons, the end of the world, drinking are just some of the things our songs have been written about……whatever is on the brain at the time.

7.  I have seen you play a few times now, and you have a good response from the crowd, does this surprise you, or it was something you thought would happen ?  

It’s a bit surprising,  I mean nobody expects to get up there and get booed or hear crickets.  If you’re expecting that then chances are you shouldn’t be getting onstage in the first place.  But honestly the reaction by locals has been pretty staggering at times.  We played a house party a couple months back where there was just piles of people trying to cram into the living room where we were playing.  They knew the words to our music, and the house basically got trashed by the end of our set plus 4 encores.  A night to (sort of) remember for sure!

8.  As you were growing up, did you have someone, or a band that was a great inspiration for you ?

Black Sabbath.  That band is pretty much the root of what we do and the main inspiration.

9.  Did you take any classes in school for playing guitar, or drums, music classes ?

Most of us are self taught.  Eddie has a degree in music and jazz studies however, so he actually knows what the notes are called and such.

10.  Because you are a newer band, just starting out, you must have to work still outside of the band, so is that a hardship, trying to all get together to practice ?

It can be.  Everyone is busy and has their own lives to take care of.  But music and jamming is what matters most.  There’s pretty much nowhere we’d all rather be than cranking our amps and blasting tunes so we make jamming a priority.

11.  What for you is the best part about being in a band ?   Any downfalls ?

The best part about being in a band is just being in a band.  It’s fun, and if there’s downfalls for you then you aren’t doing it right.  We do this stuff because we love it!

12.  Do you have a band or musician that you hold in high esteem, that you would really enjoy doing a tour with ?

So many, too many to name!  We’ll tour with anyone too, big band or small band if you wanna party let’s get out there!

13.  So how, as a starting out band, do you get added to the local shows here in Vancouver ?  

GO TO SHOWS!!!  See other bands, meet people, make friends, make contacts and most importantly BE A PART OF THE SCENE!  If you never go to anyone else’s shows don’t expect anyone to go to yours.

14.  How is it, how do you feel, when you are up on stage, and looking out into the fans ?

Fantastic.  Those few moments on stage are the best moments in life.

15.  Do you get nervous at all before heading out to play ?

 Not as in scared nervous, but definitely excited nervous.   The live show is incomparable.  
16.  Where would be the ultimate place to play a gig?

Anywhere that will have us.  Bar, club, stadium, field, someone’s living room.  If there’s a space where people wanna hear rock n roll we will be there!

17.  Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking you that you want people to know about 88 Mile Trip ?

We are 88 Mile Trip and we play rock n roll music.  We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel because the wheel works just fine.  We’re here to bring the heavy and kick your ass with our tunes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview here with us at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success.