JUNE 7th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Venue: Punky Thrasherbalts (aka Funky Winkerbeans), Vancouver, BC

It’s Friday night, what could be better than heading into town and catching a metal show that was put on by The Invisible Orange and The Visible Mango. This event was held at what’s now called Punky Thrasherbalts, most of you know this venue as Funky Winkerbeans in Vancouver. The turnout tonight wasn’t as great as I thought it should be, but there were many shows in Vancouver tonight, a shame for these bands.

First up on stage tonight is a band out of Victoria, BC called HOLOCAUST LORD, a band that I am not familiar with. They established themselves early 2014, and its four members are what I would call a demonic rock n roll, mixed with some speed, if you listen closely you can hear their influences, Motorhead, Bathory, but I do have to say, they performed a really tight set.

XUL is next on stage, these members are out of Vernon, BC, and who have established their own sound of Black death metal. If the stage had been bigger I am sure that they would have been moving around with some great energy. The floor filled up a little more for Xul. Some have compared this band to Behemoth, well being an avid Behemoth fan, I don’t hear it at all. But they do have their own sound, and that’s exactly what you want, to create something your own. They really did an excellent show.

Next, another band I didn’t recognize. PANZERFAUST, out of Toronto. For this band so many more metalheads came to the stage area, and I can totally see why, if you like Watain, then this is exactly the sound, and pretty much the look you are going to get. Band members all wore the same vests, they had a small ceremonial candles set up, and they brought in the swinging jar that smokes and they sway it back and worth it (sorry, don’t know the proper name for that). Behemoth also does it, at least on their last tour. Musically these guys killed it, totally black metal. It’s a shame the venue was not really big enough to hold a mosh pit, I think that would have shown the band just how much everyone was enjoying their set.

Last up tonight is ABIGAIL WILLIAMS from Los Angeles, CA, this band I do know and have seen a few times now. They never fail to perform and give the audience exactly what they need. Although it wasn’t a very interactive crowd, which I am sure doesn’t help the band, you always want to see the crowds enjoying, that way you know you are dishing out the right stuff for all to walk away with a great feeling. Their set was black metal, with a touch of symphonic, and they put it together pretty darned well too. For me it was great to be able to stand right up front and enjoy, the only way to get the real feel for the music. Guitar, drums, bass and vocals were all carried out to perfection, I really enjoyed their set. I appreciate watching a band that’s unique and knows what they are doing.