MAY 28th 2015

Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper


26 dates of some pretty brutal technical death metal, that's exactly what you will get if you take in this show.

A little pièce de résistance tonight, if you happened to be outside to get fresh air, you got to see the police take down a knife wielding fellow, who suckered punched a guy from the bar next door. A little bit extra tonight with the concert. Police were quick and efficient. Good to know in this area.

Up first tonight was DAWNING OF THE INFERNO, a local Vancouver band who  again, had never heard of before. They fit into the whole evening, so a great band to start the evening off with. Destructive heavy breakdowns, fast solos, like these and you are going to like this band.

DARK SERMON hits the stage next, I’m finding out there are many bands in this genre that I haven't heard before. So if you are looking for Blackened Death Metal/Deathcore that is dark, morbid, with some death, and insanity, then stand up front and pay attention, these guys have that and alot more. But I have to add here, while watching, I don't know if it was the candles lit around on stage, or the scarf across the singers head, almost making it a mystical evil stand, but it had a hint of Watain to me. Maybe I am wrong, but having seen Watain alot, it struck me, a small taste of Watain. Dark Sermon does give a different perspective on brutal death metal, with some slower tunes, singer on the floor, laying down expressing their take on things. These fellows stood out from the rest of the bands tonight.

Up next is our very own hometown technical brutal guys ARCHSPIRE. Now this band knows just how to do Brutal Technical Death Metal right, and with energy. I am always so amazed when I see them play. Musically outstanding, above all others. Yes, I do favour them, because they are that damned good. Make no mistake. They have grown since I first saw them, and in a positive brutal way. They always look to be enjoying themselves up there, giving 150% to the fans. I will say this, I have never in all the times I have seen tech death metal, heard someone sing, so fast. And he never seems to make mistakes while singing. This band has extremely talented musicians, all capable of delivering a brutal attack on us, and we take it. The only thing, I am very disappointed in, is the Vancouver crowd, there were hardly any people on the floor, shame on you for not supporting your own home band, their parents came out to support. Archspire never disappoints. And I am always happy to be in the audience to capture their performance every time, because it's always one of the best.

Next, is a band that really needs no introduction, ABORTED, yes we all know that name. Death Metal/Grindcore and Hardcore out of Belgium. Hard-hitting brutality, melting your face off with technical brutality. That pretty much sums up Aborted. They played an excellent set as is the norm with the boys. They are consistent with their delivery. I thought maybe the floor would fill more. Not the case. Plus there was only a small mosh pit happening, not as brutal as the band on stage for sure.

FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, headliner tonight is a first for me. I enjoyed them, but sadly they only played for 30 minutes, I don't know why, maybe the other bands played longer, making for a shorter set. Which shouldn't have been the case, not the headliner, sorry but when you have an allotted time to play, that’s it, if you go over, cut the power, so it doesn't mean others have to cut their sets short. Especially when I was enjoying. ;) They executed a great set though. Had the crowd captivated, and even though it may have been a short set, the fans were loving it. Great job guys.

Now I did hear one complaint tonight, and was that it was TOO MUCH technical death metal. Can you believe that. They said that no one band really stood out above the others, that there was just too much similarity. Never heard of too much of a good thing before.