MARCH 9th 2018

Review By: Ruben Mosqueda

Accept returned in 2010 in a huge way with ‘Blood Of The Nations,’ an album which proved that Wolf Hoffmann and company could press forward without original singer Udo Dirkschneider, who refused to take part in a reunion. The band instead enlisted Mark Tornillo, formerly of T.T. Quick, who did splendid job on ‘Blood Of The Nations’ as well as with the classic Accept material.

The big question now is how would Accept fare on the next album? I spoke with Dirkschneider in 2011 and he said of ‘Blood Of The Nations,’ “I expected a good album — of course if they had 15 years to write an album it’s going to be good.” While Hoffmann has said time and time again that all of what we heard on the comeback effort was completely new material, you can’t help but question if Accept could do it .

In April of 2012 and Accept‘s second album with Tornillo at the helm; ‘Stalingrad’ arrived — and once again they had Andy Sneap onboard as producer. The result was a respectable effort, Accept followed that up in 2014 with ‘Blind Rage’ where we found Hoffmann on autopilot delivering a good record, but nothing extraordinary.  This brings us to the summer of 2017 where we found Accept releasing the 4th album of the ‘Tornillo era’ titled ‘The Rise Of Chaos.’ Once again, Sneap produced this one, but Accept didn't get complacent; this time around they mixed it up a little bit with some New Wave Of British Heavy Metal influences to spice things up. As you know Accept are a metal act that relies on heavy grooves almost like a ‘doom' or ‘stoner' metal act. While, the grooves are still present, the songs don't rely on them this time around. There’s several highlights on ’The Rise OF Chaos’ which includes; “The Rise Of Chaos,” “Hole In The Head,” “Die By The Sword,” and “Kool Aid.” The only song that doesn’t do it for me is “Analog Man” mostly because of the lyrical content, the premise is great but lyrically cringy.