FEBRUARY 6th 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

PHOTO GALLERY: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/act-of-defiance/

So what was happening on Saturday, Feb 6 in Vancouver? Well, at the Biltmore, there was a show put on by the Rickshaw Theatre and Modified Ghost, and one that I was extremely excited to see and hear, and that was none other then Act of Defiance. By the looks of the crowd that appeared, it had the interest of many others than just myself.

First up is a band out of Prince George, DEVEINED, who travelled 9 hours to perform tonight as openers. Sean, Brad and Les make up this metal team who cranked out some good tunes for the crowd. They did a great job, and looked to be enjoying themselves on stage, although I am not sure who enjoyed more the band or the crowd.

Next is AGGRESSION, who claim hometown as Montreal, QC and Vancouver, BC and who are metal without a doubt, and have been since 1985. So they know what they are doing when they hit the stage, and they played a great set, a variety of songs and kept everyone happy for their set.  If you are a fan of Venom, Destruction, Slaughter, then you can appreciate their sound. Always nice to see Vancouver local bands doing well in the metal scene. Thanks Brian, Denis, Dave, Martin and Ryan.

Last of the local bands to hit the stage before the heavy hitters is HELLCHAMBER, James, Blake, Tyler and Barry make up this melting pot of metal, there is a bit of everything here, from metal, thrash, NWOBM, old style metal, retro metal, classic and more, all tied into their style. They did an excellent job, they even brought another singer on board for a couple of songs, Jesse and he was definitely old school, great addition to their set. People were just starting to get warmed up in the pit now. Thanks guys for a great set.

Okay, now I am excited, after all this was a new band for me to see live, and we all know, when you see a band play live, that’s when you know just how good they are. Anyone can sound good on a CD. Well damn, ACT OF DEFIANCE, went well above my expectations. I am going to get a lot of flack for this, but I am extremely happy that Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover left Megadeth, after all, look what came of it, and then they brought in two others that would complete this musical endeavour perfectly, Henry Derek (vocals), and Matt Bachand (bass). All have some great resumes backing them, and make no mistake, there is a ton of talent behind each of these musicians. Each seem to know their talent well and execute it to the pleasure of the crowd. I was in awe watching, loved the fact they didn’t just stand in one spot, they moved around, looked at their fans, and the crowd went crazy for Act of Defiance. There is no other like these guys. You can tell a lot of work has gone into their music, their creativity, making them stand out above the rest. Everyone just seems to fit like a glove in the band. You already know the talent of Chris and Shawn, but vocalist Henry captures your attention and holds it, he has a range of vocals, making it so it never gets boring. Exceptional. I can’t say enough about this band, everything just seemed to flow, they all have such amazing talent, and it shows. I know people are definitely going to hate me for this one, but Act of Defiance did a Motorhead cover, (Ace of Spades) and yes, I liked it far better than the original. Just the way the band put their touch, and vocals to this, I thoroughly enjoyed. As you can tell, I am so impressed, and I respect what they do, they really do a kick ass job. I honestly think I am not giving them the credit they deserve. I just know that after listening to their set of songs, and how well it all comes together, I am hooked. I wish I had known they were this good because I would have made sure to go to Seattle to see them down there as well as the Vancouver show. But now I know, and the next tour that comes out west, you can bet I will be seeing more than one. Phenomenal set, with exceptionally talented artists. The only problem that I had … not long enough, when you enjoy a band and their sound as much as I did, you could stand all night and listen. Thank you for coming to Vancouver and giving us something extra-ordinary. Will see you next time around for sure.