NOVEMBER 2nd 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with Tave Wanning, vocalist for ADRENALINE RUSH out of Stockholm, Sweden.
1. Sweden has so many great bands, did you ever worry about starting up the band?

Not really, no. Having played in a bunch of different bands that unfortunately never took off in a serious way I was of course a bit concerned that it wouldn’t work out. It is hard to find a group of people who share a vision and want things to go in the same direction. I mean, you always have a good time and lots of laughs no matter what level of band you’re in but after a while just seeing the inside of a rehearsal studio and doing small club gigs gets old. I knew I was ready to take my music to a more professional level but wasn’t sure how to go about it.  And then, as things sometimes do, everything just came together by chance and so far we’ve managed to do quite well.
2.  So tell us when you first came together as Adrenaline Rush?

I started working with Erik in the fall of 2012. The guys came along late summer of 2013.
 3.  I know everyone was hand-picked from bands around Stockholm, but how did they come to be in Adrenaline Rush?

It might sounds like a made up story, but I actually went online and read classifieds and one of the first I came across was from Ludvig and Marcus who were looking for a guy singer for their new project. Since I already knew them I thought “screw that, you need a woman on lead vocals” and decided to get in touch with them anyway, and the rest is history.
Tave Wanning - lead vocals.
Yep, that’s me. Stage monkey extraordinaire.
Ludvig Turner - lead guitar, vocals.
He’s the baby of the band and really fun to be around. His playing sounds a bit like John Norum (Europe) at times.
Alexander Hagman - guitar, vocals.
He’s the oldest and has a lot of experience from other genres from working in a recording studio and doing a lot of modern stuff. He’s got a really sick sense of humor that I love!

Soufian Ma'Aoui - bass, vocals.
Very talented and experienced musician.
Marcus Johansson – drums.
He’s really good. And our Robert Plant look alike.
4. What made you decide on Melodic rock?  Is it something you have always wanted?

I grew up listening to rock n roll from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s thanks to my parents, and rock has always been where my heart is. I don’t really think in terms of genres or gender, I just look for music that conveys emotion and that feels honest. And somehow that always brings me back to rock!

I probably listen more to heavier 60’s and 70’s rock than the melodic stuff we play. But I think my voice and visual vibe fits better with the classic 80’s party rock. So I guess it is a natural combination of music that I like and that suits my voice; that I feel comfortable singing.

5.  You and Erik Martensson (of Eclipse and W.E.T.) joined forces and began recording what was to become the first Adrenaline Rush album, was that an easy process?
Yes. The story of me and Erik is actually also the story of how the band was formed. Everything started as a solo project, because I had just quit my old band when I ran into Erik at a Quireboys concert. I had worked with him briefly laying down vocals on a song of his a couple of years back but I didn’t really know him too much. But we got to talking and decided to meet up and see if we could do some serious work together. I didn’t know it then, but this turned out to be one of those really important “one thing leads to another” moments!

Erik is an incredibly talented guy - he’s a songwriter, a musician and a producer. I don’t think there’s anything in music he can’t do well. Plus he’s a genuinely nice person. And as it turned out he totally understood what I was looking for musically and everything just fell into place. Ideas kept coming and after a short while we had a bunch of tracks that were exactly the way I wanted – good melodies, great riffs and very energetic and live oriented songs with a modern production with one foot in the 80’s.

And I knew I wanted to play the songs live, it’s the main reason I’m even in the business at all. It’s always been about the show and performance for me, the connection with the audience. I love bands like Hanoi Rocks and Van Halen – really tight bands that can give a crazy front man a solid foundation to stand on so they can focus on getting the party going and entertaining the crowd. I will always try to be the circus monkey and give the people their money’s worth. I mean, if you sound just like the album and you don’t dress up or really bring any excitement to the stage, why should people bother going to the show at all?
So when the album was ready I got in touch with the guys. They liked the songs and the sound and were also fans of Erik, so we decided to go for it.
6.  I won’t ask how you came up with the album name, it’s obvious, because it’s the bands name, but what made you decide to go with that?

I think the name Adrenaline Rush really sums up how we sound and what we’re trying to do live, the vibe we’re after. And since this first album is an introduction to the band, it just felt natural to name it after the band. Who knows if we’re lucky maybe in a few years it will become known as Adrenaline Rush I which was followed by II then III and so on!

7.  Who writes the lyrics for your songs?

I am not much of a song writer, at least not yet. So I am dependent on other’s to translate my ideas into songs, even if I do help out with vocal melodies and ideas for lyrics. Which is why I am so happy I got to work with Erik and his writing partner Miquael Persson, who writes most of the lyrics.

I also have to mention Nicklas Säwström and Christian Wahlström, who wrote two of the tracks on the album. They’re great guys, and I’ve worked with them since the Peaches days.

8. Is there anyone, or anything that inspires the song writing?

I always look for lyrics that I can relate to, that make sense to me. So I guess you could say that all the lyrics are inspired by experiences that I’ve actually had, or that I feel I understand.
9. How did you decide on the album cover?

We shot a whole bunch of pictures and had some good ones but we were still missing “the one”. Then one day we did an outdoors session with me on a big Harley that belongs to a friend of my dads, and there were a few that stood out. We sent them over to the guy that was helping us design the graphics, and he really loved one in particular and went to work on it. When he sent it back there was no doubt, it was the cover! It’s eye catching and I hope it will make people pick the album up and look at it a second time and maybe even give it a listen.
10.  What can people expect from your first album?

I hope people will get a flash-back to the 80’s hairband vibe - happy sunshine party music that does not want to change the world but makes you want to have a good time. I like “happy”. Something happened in the 90’s and rock got angrier and aggressive and lost a lot of the melodic aspect. I know lots of people like the aggressive side of rock but I don’t really get it. You just don’t see smiles anymore and the good-time vibe is gone, everyone is so angry all of the time. Which is a bit weird to me because I know I really enjoy myself and have a good time and that makes me smile. So I think it’s time we brought the good times back.

11.  Do you yourself have a favorite on the album?  And if so, why that one?

I’m really happy and proud of all the tracks, of course. So I find myself liking different tracks all the time. If I had to pick one today I think I would say “Girls Gone Wild” or “Change”, because they’re both up-tempo and I’m going to a party tonight!
12.  Where did you record/master the album?

Everything from song writing to mastering was done at Erik’s studio in Stockholm.
13.   Have you done many live shows?   Where did they take place?

We’ve done four shows together as Adrenaline Rush so far. Mostly small club gigs around Stockholm, and then the big one at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milano. I was a bit nervous, but still one hell of a way to kick start the band! I am very happy with our performance, but obviously we have a way to go before we can compete with bands who have been doing this for 20 or 30 years. So give us time, we’re not afraid to pay our dues and we’ll get there eventually.
14.  Will you be touring after the release of your album August 22?

We love to play and want to go everywhere! It’s why we’re even in this business in the first place. But the reality is we’re just starting out as a band and are still figuring everything out. So our next step is probably trying to find spots as opening act. We need to get out and play to build an audience, and that won’t happen overnight
15.  Do you have a tour planned already? If so where?

Nothing at the moment. We’re in the middle of summer and holidays here, and we’re also waiting for the album to be released. But we’re hoping to get the ball rolling in September once everyone’s back.

16.  As you were growing up, was this something you have always dreamed of, being the singer in a band?

I started singing in a kids techno/dance group called Peaches when I was just 8 years old. We were quite successful, had a number 1 song and sold gold in Sweden and platinum in Norway. We had a blast and I am so grateful for that part of my life, it gave me an early start and lots of experience of the business and I realized that this is what I wanted to do with my life. And when Peaches were put on hold I just kept on going. So I never had to dream about being a singer, because I was doing it!

But I have always wanted to sing in a band, so I guess you could say I’ve dreamed about that. And now after a lot of attempts, it looks like it is finally coming together!

17.  Did you pretend to sing when you were small, like in front of a mirror?  As kids often do?

Not really, I didn’t have to pretend since I was lucky enough to already be doing it for real. My family is really musical, my dad and brother are in a band and we have a home studio, so there’s always been all kinds of instruments and music gear around my house so if I even wanted to sing all I had to do was set the mic up in the studio and rock out!

18.  What would surprise people to know about the band?

Not sure to be honest. We’re pretty straightforward – a girl fronted, melodic rock band with an 80’s sound in the vein of Heart, Vixen, Femme Fatale and so on. We’re definitely not an angry and aggressive band, we’re all about the party and having a good time.   
19.  What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about music and singing. Mostly the stage performance. I also really like make-up and clothes and fashion, in my own crazy hippierock style.

20.  Other than a vocalist, what are you really good at?

I am a dancer, I’ve been taking dance lessons since I was two. At one point I competed and actually placed first in my age-group in the Swedish Nationals. So I guess dancing would be it. I don’t dance all that much anymore because it’s hard to find the time, but my latest project is pole dancing. It is really cool and physically demanding so it’s a real challenge!   
21.  Is there anything that you would like to add, that you think people should know about Adrenaline Rush, that I may have missed asking?

I want to thank you for having me, and I also want to thank everyone who is supporting us because nothing is possible without you guys. And I hope we get a chance to play for you soon. Until then… ENJOY THE RUSH!
Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview.  ( Tack )
Tack så mycket! (Thanks so much)