FEBRUARY 22nd , 2018


Spotlight Feature By: Metal Mom


Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment, Worldwide.  We had the opportunity to chat with Progressive Thrash Metal band, AdvenA’s Christoph Kohlmeier (Guitar, Composer) and Daniel Esterbauer (Vocals). For information or upcoming news about this band, check out below for more:

1. AdvenA, how did you come up with the name?

Well, this was actually just as random as it could get! We were sitting on the balcony on a summer night, years ago, and talked about the “new band”. There wasn’t any idea about the name, except it shouldn’t be English. Then I suddenly came up with a Latin dictionary, just for fun. It was dark outside, so I just opened up one random page after another to put my finger on any random spot in the book. With this, we found the word “Advena” which sounded quite cool and was actually really close to what we wanted to sound like. It means something like “the stranger”, a really proper name we found!

2. How long has the band been together?

That’s difficult to say! We founded AdvenA back in 2012, but we were actually just two guys. Our current line up exists since Jan 2016, so for now, the correct answer would be “two years”.

3. Why pick Progressive Thrash Metal?

Why not? I think we didn’t decide to be like we are. No one does. It’s the music that I’m composing, and which we are performing! You won’t get your own style by choosing it, but the style chooses you! Sounds a lot more philosophically than it actually is. You cannot make music, which doesn’t fit in you, your personality, your feelings. So, for one band, there’s only one possibility of genre, and in our case, it’s something like this, and we love it!

4. How do you best describe your music?

There’s a huge difference to our Debut “REALITÄT” and our upcoming music.

REALITÄT is more of a simple synthesis of Thrash, Death, Metalcore and a few Keyboards. Nothing to special, but not really common too.

Our new stuff will be a whole new dimension of music. We’re about to bring lots of life in the wasteland of modern metal! Massive orchestral arrangements, mystic cinematic textures, deep atmospheric soundscapes and ambiences, that will freeze the blood in your veins…combined with the speed and energy of Melodic Death metal…believe me…this is gonna be HUGE!

5. Tell us how each of your band members came to be in the band ....

Well, like I said, in the beginning we were just two guys…Florian (Vocals) and me, Chris (Guitar). We picked up our drummer Dennis after a recommendation from a common friend. By fortuity, we then got a rehearsal room next to a recording studio, which was really impressive. The founder of the studio became our bassist for almost a year. We recorded a little demo to seek for a second guitarist and a singer. That’s how we found Dodo (Guitar) and Dan (Vocals). Later then our bassist left the band, and Dan brought his good friend Gumpi to join us. Now here we are, ready to rock!

6. Before you were in AdvenA, were you in any other bands?

Not all of us, but those who were, were in bands I would not call “bands”, if you know what I mean. Just jammin around and have some fun, nothing special, nothing live-suitable, and definitely nothing studio-suitable.

7. I see you have been playing some shows lately, how has the turn outs been for you?

Playing live has turned out to be a whole new world for us. We love the feeling, we enjoy each single show, and we give our best to create something special. People are always in the mood, whether they know us, or not, so it’s a lot of fun for us! And therefore, we play shows which are hundreds of miles away from home, just for this fantastic experience!

8. What do you have planned for the New Year?

We’re currently up to compose and record our new album. It’s kind of a secret yet, but people can sense it so far. But we’re going to take the time to make it perfect! We don’t really know if it’ll be finished in 2018, but we know that it’s going to be damn great and you all there who love metal will enjoy this new record so much, I promise! Just give it a try, when it’s released!

9. Tell us something about the band, some have not heard the name AdvenA before.

“Some”? You mean nearly everyone, haha. I think we’re way to self-critical in this relation. Well, our music is for all of you, who are looking for something new! We don’t want to copy any particular band, but to create our own individual style, which definitely succeeded with our upcoming album. In reviews, our music is often called “mystic”, even if our first album is not a bit that mystical and atmospheric as our second will be! I personally love the expressiveness of modern film scoring and dramatic trailer music, but also the energy of Thrash Metal and Metalcore and the awesome melodies of Scandinavian Melo Death! Combine all those factors with scripted lyrics and here we go!

We don’t want to be that pseudo-brutal as most common bands today…we got our style, and with one word, it’s gonna be EPIC!

10. What is the best part about being in AdvenA?

We are five young guys, in love with the same music, spending every single weekend with performing, composing, experimenting, and sometimes just hanging around and watching movies! Those are the best things I could ever imagine! It’s just like a family for all of us!

11. If you were not in a band, what do you think you would be doing, what kind of job do you think you would enjoy?

That’s what I’m asking myself quite often! I actually don’t know, but you know what? I really don’t care, cause I’m here right now and that’s perfect!

I think I would probably just have more time for a girlfriend than right now, haha.

Of course, we all got our truly different jobs, and we all love them, even if we would give it up to get the big deal with our music if it comes!

Actually, I think I would personally spend more money for traveling around the world, instead of buying all this expensive gear, but hey, you only live once, and I’ve chosen this!

12. Do you have any advice for people who are thinking of starting up a band?

If there’s one real advice, then it would be, to put some money in your gear for the first time! I’ve seen so many bands that would sound great, but actually sounded like shit, cause their amps are cheaper than the CD they want to sell! Take some money, buy your dream sound, trust me, it’s so much worth it!

Apart from that, just do it, you can’t go wrong with music!

Just free your mind and bring new life to your music! Wanna combine apples and bananas? Why not, maybe banapples will taste awesome! Get rid of all those other voices in your head, simply plug in your instruments and get on stage!

13. Is there anything you want to add to this interview?

I think it’s all said! Thank you for this interesting interview, it was fun to answer your questions! We hope we’ll see some of you guys out on stage in the future! Thank you for reading this, thank you for giving this a try, it means the world to us! Check us out on facebook, come over for a good German beer, whatever, the main thing is, HAVE FUN!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialadvena/