SEPTEMBER 14th 2014
Review By: Kathleen Clarkson
Photos By: Jamie Paullus

Another day of 23 more rocking band, however this days lineup is a bit harder rock then day one’s line up. Starting the day off at the Coors Stage 11:30 with Fallrise a local band from Sacramento, CA by the time they were over at noon the temp was only 75 degrees but the sun sure felt a lot hotter. Young Guns, Escape The Fate, and Otherwise all played on the 3 different Monsters stages. Burn Halo, another band from California, with singer James Hart giving it his all, I have seen them a few times and always enjoy them. The guitar player Joey Roxx was up on stage playing his guitar hard and heavy, with a cast on his recent broke leg. We Are Harlot, who had one of their guys with a broken leg as well. Lead singer, Danny Worsnop, also lead singer of Asking Alexandria a fairly new band from the LA area had the crowd going crazy with their hard sound and energetic performance. Kyng, a hard rock band with most of the guys looking like mountain men, but performing like old school rock gods.

They have a classic rock touch but as hard rock as they come. They are one of the few newer bands that actually play real guitar solos . ‘Electic Halo’ is my favorite maybe because it was their first hit. They play ‘Hot for Teacher’ a cover by Van Halen and I have to say a way better rendition then the original. Pepe Clarke was amazing on the drums one of the best drummers I have seen, Tony Castaneda on bass was quite skilled and Eddie Veliz, vocals while mastering the guitar is simple gifted. He has a very unique, completely distinguishable, voice. Atreyu, was next the crowd moved from the other stage over to Atreyu like a herd of bull. At this point in the day the sun is blazing all the grass is gone from being dried out and trampled all over, so the dirt is getting stirred up and with the crowd now moshing to ‘Becoming the Bull’ the dirt is rising about 40 feet up in the air and going about 50 feet back and it’s all moving towards the stage. They stated this was the first big show back after 3 years off; it was good to see them back on stage as they know how to move a crowd. They ended their set with Bon Jovi’s cover ‘You Give Love a Bad Name”. New Medicine played at the same time as Atreyu on the Coors stage so I was unable to see them and same with We Came as Romans who played on the South Stage at the same time as Black Stone Cherry. Black Stone Cherry came on at 2:10 and by this time it was again hot as hell I’m guessing this must be the hottest time of the day for Sacramento, So I checked the temperature on my phone and it was 90 degrees but again it sure felt a lot hotter. Black Stone Cherry is a rock band from Kentucky with a southern-hard rock sound they played ‘Me and Mary Jane’, ‘Blind Man In My Blood’, ‘Remember Me’, ‘White Trash Millionaire’ Blame it on the Boom Boom’ and ‘Lonely Train’. Unlocking the Truth played on the Coors Stage is another band that I did not see and after doing a bit of research on them I am kicking myself for it, 3 young kids, Malcom Brickhouse: guitar/vocals, Jarad Dawkins: drums/vocals Alec Atkins: bass/vocals, from Brooklyn New York. 

A heavy metal band that from what I have read has worked very hard and earned their way onto Aftershock, certainly a band I won’t miss next time around. Of Mice and Men played Stage North an intense hardcore band some refer to as metalcore while others would say nu metal, either way they kicked ass. They did attracked a younger crowd as I think the older crowd was across the way gearing up for Theory of a Dead Man on Stage West. Theory of a Dead Man, I feel keeps it very simple, they just play, song after song, “So Happy’, “Low Life’,  ‘Bitch Came Back’  and among others ‘Drown’. They are always a great band to see if you are just wanting to listen to awesome music and don’t need all the “entertainment”. Buckcherry played Stage South since I had just seen them a few days prior I elected to pass them up however it was a hard choice as they always put on a great show. It was now time to go see the band we actually flew down here to see Pennywise. The true punk rock band of punk rock they come out with a Metallica riff, there is an unbelievable amount of people watching them three quarters of the field is here just for them. The mosh pit is huge; people are actually crowd surfing over the mosh pit. The dust cloud is swirling around like a mini hurricane and heading towards the stage. The lead singer, Jim Lindberg, ask “Can someone turn the sun off?” as the hot sun was blazing down directly into the stage. For our entertainment they did small riffs of Motorhead, AC/DC, Korn, Megadeth, Rage Against The Machine, and The Ramones. The set list ’Pennywise’, ‘Rules’, My Own Country ‘Same Old Story’, ‘Minor Threat’, ‘Fuck Authority’, ‘Society’, ‘Bro Hymn’. They were a band that was a must see for most.

I sadly spent a lot of time looking for their merch booth to buy a shirt and could not find it anywhere maybe I waited to late in the evening. I was terribly disappointed no Pennywise shirt to take home as a souvenir. Lacuna Coil closed the Coors Stage. Lacuna Coil a band from Italy, except for the drummer Ryan Folden, whom happens to be from the same town as me, Spokane, WA.  Andrea and Cristina are a brilliant duo; they harmonize beautifully as well they complement each other. Marco Zelati, bass and Marco ‘Maus’ Biazzi guitar both enhances Andrea and Cristina already incredible voices. I have seen Lacuna coil at least five times and could see them at least 5 more and would never get sick of them. Seether is another very simple band no stage show, they don’t move around much not a great band for a photographer to shoot about 45 seconds is all you really need to shoot them or you are just repeating the same shots. But if you are a Seether fan you get what you want and that is their songs. They play song, after song, after song. Not much for talking just playing and that is what I love getting lost into the music. Mastodon like is the mountain men of rock and roll with one clean cut guy. They have a dedicated following that has been there from the very beginning and each time they play a new venue they get new followers. Mastodon has uniqueness like no other and has been around since early 2000. Rise Against was the first band of the evening to play without any other band playing at the same time. This was one band I was really looking forward to seeing as I have never seen them. They came on at 6pm and it was still fairly hot. They had the hot sun facing them but it did not seem to bother them at all. Out of all the bands they seemed to have the most energy, they were the only band that did any jumps. I am assuming that really had to do with the fact that they were on the cool down of the day and the other bands where dealing with the rise of the hot blazing heat. Anyway, Tim McIIrath lead vocals/guitar, gave the audience a great show. He was all over the stage and I am certain the photographers loved him as well. They have all been waiting for that one great shot of the day. Rise Against set list was perfect, ‘Ready To Fall’, ‘Give It All’, ‘Re-Education (Through Labor), ‘Behind Closed Doors’, ‘The Good Left Undone’, ‘Help Is on the Way’ ‘Chamber the Cartridge’, ‘Make It Stop’ (September's Children), ‘Prayer of the Refugee’, ‘I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore’, ‘Satellite’, ‘Savior’. Five Finger Death Punch is one of the best rock bands out there. They play hard, fast, and unforgiving. They demand the crowd’s attention and they get it. By this time there are probably around 30,000 people the dirt cloud is amazingly high in the air and the mosh pit is raging. The sun has gone down and the stage lights are on. It’s starting to look like real show at this point excluding the dirt cloud. Chris Kael is rocking out on the bass posing for the photographers giving them the great shots they have been waiting for all day. Jason Hook, lead guitar giving it all he’s got. Zoltan on guitar is rocking out encouraging the crowd to rock out harder; Jeremy on drums keeps the rhythm going. While Ivan sings, yells, belts it out of his mouth. He always gives it his all and never holds back, each and every performance I think he delivers just a little bit more. 

Rob Zombie, direct support for Godsmack, came out wearing the American Flag and John 5 started the set off playing ‘We’re an American Band’ the set was full of their best ‘Superbeast’, ‘Living Dead Girl’ ‘Dead City Radio and The New Gods of Supertown’ A spectacular drum solo by Ginger ‘I Got You’ A James Brown song, ‘More Human Than Human’, ‘Sick Bubble Gum’, ‘House of 1000 Corpses’, ‘Never Gonna Stop’, ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’, ‘Thunder Kiss 65’, with guitar solo and ‘Dragula’ to end it all. The set had pictures of various characters of the late and great Lon Chaney Jr. well known for his movie roles as the monster. Rob Zombie, gave a spectacular performance, he has a way with the audience almost hypnotizing them into a trace with his spell like movements and melodically mesmerizing voice. However, while he was putting us all in this beautiful trance the security was not playing so nice, this did not seem to set well with Rob, he asked the security if they wanted to come up and entertain 30,000 people for the next hour. Luckily, they chose not to and Rob continued to give all the grand Rob Zombie show everyone came to see.


Godsmack headlined the show and what a perfect way to end the 2 day festival. Godsmack is a band that does not hold back they give everything they got. They get fueled by the energy of the crowd, the more we give the more they give. I think they were electrified by the 30,000 people there that night because they certainly gave us a show we won’t forget anytime soon. To my surprise they came out in full force with the newest hit which I believe is one of their best songs to date ‘1000 hp’, the rest of the set included ‘Crying Like a Bitch’ Locked and Loaded’, ’Keep Away, ‘ Awake’ ‘Speak, ‘Voodoo’ Batalla de los Tambores’, ‘Whatever’, I Stand Alone’. It was a great set. Maybe it went a little faster than everyone wanted or maybe everyone was just sad the festival was over. Godsmack is a must see band no matter how many times you see them. Sully and Shannon doing their drum duel is always an amazing sight the pure talent those two have is quite impressive.

Aftershock was a great festival it is a must attend for anyone in the west coast area. The 2 day festival was packed with a great line up on both days. Discovery Park is a great place to have it as it has enough acreage to house everything needed for the large festival. All of the bands were great and I got to see some amazing bands for the first time that certainly did surprise me. I did have to endure the hot blazing sun but keeping hydrated and using lots of sunscreen was the key for that. I will be going down next year and I am looking forward to the lineup for Aftershock 2015.