JUNE 22nd, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with the Paul from the newly formed band AGES.  Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us Paul.

First let me give you a taste of what you can expect from this new band, this song is called “Heinous Nemesis“, featuring Mark Jansen of Epica - Mayan

1. Tell us exactly when it was that Ages formed ?

AGES was formed technically speaking about a year and a half ago when Xavier showed me the material he had been working on and developing with Alex (bassist). The group was called Beyond Resistance at the time but wasn't a full band and was in a state of limbo because of lineup changes . When I became apart of the project we pushed to complete the line up and start getting songs out.

2.  You are also in Blackguard, so what inspired you to form AGES ?

I've been doing Blackguard for almost 10 years now and in the past few years I've been looking for another project to get involved with part time. When the music for Ages was first presented to me I felt it had something unique to it and I needed to be apart of it . Just doing something different creatively was a big reason I joined.

3.  Ages is Death metal and Blackguard is Epic metal, what is the difference between the two ? The 2 genres sound similar

Ages is far more aggressive. Blackguard has some death metal influence but mixed with a lot of other elements from other genres. Ages is more straightforward death metal with it's own twist .

4.  There are 4 other members, can you tell us how each of them came to be in the band.

Alex and Xavier are the two founding members of Ages. I joined with them about a year and a half ago . Xavier then brought Andre (lead guitar) and Frank (drums) in a few months apart . I've known Andre casually through working with BCI ( Montréal’s main metal production company) as a loader . Frank was Xavier's room mate and has played in a few bands over the years but I didn't know him prior to him joining the band.

5. Was it easier to make the choice to be a death metal band, seeing that your vocals are pretty brutal anyway ?

It feels very natural playing in Ages. I feel very at home stylistically. Ages combined a lot of elements in the aggressive music spectrum that I love so I'm able to stretch my creativity and range with this project.

6.  Who does the writing for your lyrics?  And where do you get your ideas from?

Our first two singles “Heinous nemesis” and “ Resounding negation” weren't written by me lyrically . Gab (Ex-ion dissonance vocalist) wrote those , since they were already demoed and sounded great I didn't want to change them .

The new material we're putting together will be mostly my writing. Thematically it's going to range from historical to personal. I feel I can take Ages in a lot of different places lyrically but it's going to remain fairly “dark” in tone.

7.  Are you currently working on an album?  Or an EP?

No actually. Our plan for the foreseeable future is to continuously release singles or small batches of songs at a time.

I wanted to try something different with Ages in terms of how we release music. In addition to continuously releasing songs we want to have all our material available for free download/stream indefinitely.

With all the changes in the music industry over the years this seems like the logical step to me. Frankly I'd rather people have our music to enjoy than not, so why not give it away for free.

This was something I thought a lot about when we were preparing to launch the band. The landscape of the music industry is constantly changing and in order to stand out and break away we need to deviate from the old paradigms. Music is no longer the viable commodity it once was, so instead of trying to squeeze a few dollars and cents from people we'd rather see everyone enjoy it. Whoever really likes what we're doing and wants to support us will eventually be able to get a t-shirt or come watch us live. Until then I’m just happy our music is getting out to the world.

8.  Do you have a studio you go to to put your songs together so you can release them ?

We do all the pre production ourselves at our own home studios. Alex and Xavier also put songs together using guitar pro which is a great tool for writing.

When we're ready to properly record we work with Antoine Lussier of Ion Dissonance who is a very accomplished producer/engineer. He's done a fantastic job finding our sound so we'll most likely be sticking with him for a while.

9.  How do you divide your time between Blackguard and your new band Ages?  It must be difficult .

Right now it's not so hard because Blackguard is on break from touring. Next year it might get more difficult but Ages won't be the same touring machine that Blackguard or Ion dissonance were. It's going to be a bit more casual but if Ages gets the opportunities to do some good tours, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

10.  When you were a kid, is this something you always dreamed of doing, vocals for a band, or did you originally play an instrument ?

I actually started off playing drums and then bass, but I was never in a serious band playing either of those instruments. I've always been the singer/frontman since I’ve started so it's hard to picture myself onstage in any other fashion. It's what I do well, or at least I think I do it well haha.

11.  Is it hard to stand out in the metal world when starting a new band ?

Absolutely. There are so many amazing bands in the scene these days so starting from scratch is going to be a challenge. However I feel we have something fresh to offer so I'm hoping we'll carve out our place in the metal community.

12.  Have you had any feedback yet on your release of Heinous Nemesis ?  

People seem to really like the track so far. We've had a lot of positive comments and a lot of people who were surprised how different this project is from Blackguard which is a good thing . I had no intention of starting or joining anything that was just going to be Blackguard pt 2 .

13.  Will you be approaching records labels soon ?

No . Actually I’d like to stay independent for the time being. We're going to build this band from the ground up by ourselves and with the help of our friends and whoever else wants to help give us exposure. We want to operate at our own pace and not be concerned with deadlines or release dates. With that being said I’m not completely against the idea of signing however it will be under our own terms and with a company that understands our goals.

14.  When you have an album put together, I guess the next step will be to tour in support, can you do that without a labels help ?

Next year when we start performing live we're going to start by doing very selective shows. We have no intention of touring full time with this band for a few reasons. A lot of us have responsibilities at home so dedicating half the year to touring is out of the question. I'd rather play a small amount of great shows then burn ourselves out on the road for months on end . Also by being selective with our live performances we won't need to sacrifice much of our own personal finances. Hopefully in time the band can be relatively self sustaining so having a label for tour support won't be necessary.

15.  Having 2 bands, its obvious that this is your passion, have you ever thought about doing anything else ?

Music is absolutely my main passion in life. Whatever I do and whatever career path I eventually settle into will really just be a means to financially secure myself to continue putting out music and performing when I can.

16. What will this mean for Blackguard with you being in Ages? I hope that is not the end of Blackguard, always enjoyed your shows.

Not at all . Blackguard will continue until it's time to stop . I still have a passion for Blackguard and I’m not ready to walk away from it yet .

17. When you were a kid, did you stand in front of a mirror and sing ?

Haha , I totally did that . Being able to live that dream is a blessing I'm very grateful for with all it's ups and downs.

18.  Where do you think you will be in say, 2 years from now ?  Or 5 years ?

Ideally I’d like to be settled in some kind of proper career that will allow me to tour an occasion and continue to put out music. I'd love to see my bands grow in popularity and get more opportunities to do cool things like play festivals and travel the world but who knows. I'm content where I am now and what I've accomplished but I still have that desire and drive to do more and see where music can take me .

19. What would surprise people the most to learn about you ?

 I have an extremely eclectic taste in music. I like a little bit of everything .

20. When do you find you are the most creative during the day / night ?

Night time for sure. For some reason it helps put me in the right mindset to write.

Is there anything you would like to say that I might have missed asking you about Ages that you want people to know ?
Just thank you to everyone who has supported the band so far and we can't wait to show you what's coming up .

Well, we would like to thank you a lot Paul for doing this interview with us here at Metaltitans, and we of course wish you much success with AGES.