SEPTEMBER 13th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

An hours drive into Vancouver, picked up my ticket at the booth, I was a little surprised there weren’t many there, but then, doors opened at 8pm, and I was just a little later than that. There were also a few shows in town that night, don’t know why they book bands on the same night.

Well I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed this show, as I am really an old school rocker, this suited me just fine. Sure I still enjoy my metal, don’t get me wrong, but I still appreciate Rock’N’Roll. And that’s what’s on the bill tonight.

I made a bee line up to the front of the stage, I am one that has to be there to get the full onslaught of the music. Commodore is the best of the best in venues when it comes to the quality of sound, lights and just all around pleasing to the eye. Let’s not forget too, a great venue for the bands when they come, so much more for them to look at and explore.

So tonight’s first band is FLASH LIGHTNIN’, a band from Toronto, Ontario, I was not even aware of this band before now. Obviously others were because the floor was fairly full when they were on stage, and that is strange considering they are the opening act. These 3 guys knocked out a great set of songs, and definitely straight up rock and roll. The crowd enjoyed, except for one duffus that called out “you suck”. I would like to see him up there belting it out if he thinks he can do better. I enjoyed, and it was a great start to the evening.

Next up is GLORIOUS SONS, from Kingston, Ontario, yet another band I had not had the chance to check out. I prefer checking a band out live, you can hear their true sound. These guys nailed it, and with lots of energy on the stage with these guys, especially the singer, it’s like someone turned on a switch and he just went crazy. What I also find, a lot of rock bands enjoy what they are doing, they smile, they nod at the fans, hand pump, come right out to the crowd, fans go crazy for that stuff. The songs were great to get the crowds going, and they did, horns pumped in the air, nodding heads were all around. Everyone, band and fans enjoyed this set. I know I will be following them to see what’s next for them. Great band to check out.

Last tonight is the headliner, a band out of Melbourne, Australia, who came to rock our socks off. If you are looking for a band that is the marching, breathing, vocalizing, living, gut busting, fist pumping, horns held high kind of band, then you’re looking for this band, the one that will catapult you into the purest of hard rock - AIRBOURNE. Make no mistake these guys grab you, shake you and just let you know who is the master of Rock’N’Roll. Again, another band that you know loves what they do, and the audience gives them just what they are looking for, appreciation, respect and pure enjoyment. I am kind of embarrassed to say, I have never seen them live before, but now that I have, I will be in the line when they come back. The energy level on stage is also outstanding, you can’t help but get drawn into it. Vocalist Josh, was all over the stage, up on the amps, up in back, I think on some huge big amp, but I think what people will remember, he had a fellow helper with the band come out, and Josh got on his shoulders, still playing his guitar and went out and circulated around the fans, how impressive and memorable is that. They played a variety of songs, to which a lot of people were singing along. Josh stopped at one point to drink some wine, later he even smashed some beer cans on his head and threw them out to the fans. Sadly it had to come to an end, but did it, I had the distinct feeling that this kind of band…would be back, and sure enough, the drummer came out with an odd contraption and started to wind it up, it was an old fashioned fire alarm. Cool eh? And then they came back out on stage and completed some more of what we all loved.

The one thing I really do not enjoy, is the fact when you are really enjoying yourself, before you know it, it’s over, it goes by way too fast. But on the other hand, it really makes the hour drive home a great one, tapping on the wheel, singing away.

Was truly an outstanding concert.