JANUARY 15th 2015
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


Not in the mood today, had a lousy day at work, but in the back of my mind I keep telling myself it’s Steel Panther, you are going to enjoy it to the max. Two nights of Steel Panther at the one and only, Commodore Ballroom. This venue is great for shows like this, love it. Sadly only saw the first of the two, so hopefully everyone who goes the second night has a blast, since let me tell you, the first night I left speechless.

First up is a band I have never heard of before called “Stars BLVD“, and what a surprise, they are actually from Vancouver, Band members being Josh Phoenix Child (Voice) and Ken Abbey (Guitar). I am not really sure what genre to put them into, if that really matters, to me it’s all about whether you like the music or not, I did. Musically they had it all together, great sound, and beat. Vocals were pretty good too, but it is pretty hard to get a good crowd reaction when you are the opener for Steel Panther, you know that everyone there is waiting for the Panther guys after all.  I had a guy behind me who kept booing them, finally turned around and said why, and he said waiting for Panther. You know what, don’t be rude, don’t like it, go somewhere else, and let others enjoy.

The boys are back in town, and I am front and centre to get the full impact of Steel Panther.  There is no disputing who the bad boys are, you just need to attend and witness, then you will fully understand why. First, they always play the best of songs, ones that I can even sing along with . They have fun interactions with the audience, and well let’s just say if you want to see boobs, then you have come to the right place. That’s right, you see Steel Panther are famous for getting girls from the crowd coming up and just showing off what they have or haven‘t got. I am pretty sure that “some” girls come just for this purpose, hoping to get up there on stage with the boys. That being said, these guys really do know how to party, and I am one that never misses their show when they come to Vancouver, no matter the mood, and I wasn’t in such a hot one going down, but I left feeling so damn good. I even got to sing into an imaginary spatula, yes that’s right, they had a girl in an apron going through the audience and you “sang“ into it. This is what I‘m talking about, these antics are things you expect from Steel Panther. You will never have such a great time at a concert as with Steel Panther.

It was packed, not quite sold out, but Friday night’s show is, and I am guessing that is when the party will really happen! After all it’s a Friday night, what better way to close the work week. Tonight’s show is just a warm up, but either way, you need to see Steel Panther, they are always at their best. They even did a couple of things different this time in Vancouver, a first, they had a sing-a-long, and yes we all participated and did our best. They also had where they put a few of their songs together, and Stixx came out to play the keyboard, Satchel was on the acoustic guitar, and Lexxi, well he was just being gorgeous as always. Michael of course had his voice to tie it all together. There is just so much energy on stage, the crowd catches it and runs with it. Me, I was just smiling the whole time. No equipments “bugs” so to speak, lighting was amazing, and the performance from each was over the top. I don’t know if you can tell from my concert review, but I enjoyed this show immensely, even writing this, I am taken back to last night, and smiling, but now wishing I had gone to the second show. I am envious of the people attending. STEEL PANTHER kicks some major ass , and anyone who doesn’t see them, well you really don’t know what you’re missing. Thank you guys, for such a great show, and giving me a great memory, and I will see you next time.