JULY 10th 2016

Review by YouFO

Genre: Progressive Metal

Hometown: Glasgow


Jerome Rollet -
guitars/keybords/Programming & Production

Guest Musicians:

Joseph Stevenson - guitar solo

Neogeofanatic - guitar solo

Slthu Aye - guitar solo

Artwork: Barbara Florczick


This is something out of the ordinary for me to check out, didn't know what to expect when asked to review this, and was even more intrigued when I heard the first song. It took me half way through the first song to really think about what I was listening to, it is like nothing I have heard before. This truly is an amazing sound and effort. Lots of melody, great guitar work, drums seem to be the heartbeat, to pull it together to achieve maximum enjoyment. This is something you need to sit back, turn off everything and enjoy. It is unique, and still has a touch of metal riffs to it, shhhh, listen. I am a true metal head but this has just that touch of wonderment to it.  Please, give it a listen, I was surprised that I enjoyed so much, and I can guess that you just might feel the same.