FEBRUARY 12th 2014
Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

February, 10th in Vancouver, BC at the Rickshaw Theatre, something great was about to happen, I just didn’t know it before going down. Three of the bands were a first for me, and they kicked some Vancouver ass this night.

Opening band is CELESTIAL RUIN, right out of our own Vancouver backyard, with a more symphonic rock sound to them. What makes them unique is they are a female fronted band, and they are really hard to just slot into one genre. But do we need to, it’s basically whether you like it or not, and I for one, really did enjoy this band, they had a lot going for them, slightly different from most, giving them the edge I think. In fact the time went by so fast, it was just that enjoyable. The sad part is the fact there were not many fans there.  I find a lot of people miss the opening band, figuring they won’t be any good, sorry, for all of you that missed Celestial Ruin, you missed out on a great set. They nailed it. Great job you guys.

Okay, up next is the band ATROCITY, and I am really sorry that I didn’t check them out sooner. A lot of times, I refuse to check them out on you tube to see what they sound like, just for the fact that an album is mixed to perfection, the true test is when they play live. And they passed with flying colours. They executed their metal set to perfection, over and over with each song. They may be dark and brutal, but they know how to put it out to the fans for their enjoyment. They did an assortment of songs from their discography, to the pleasure of the crowds. Probably the best part for me….getting to enjoy it all first hand, right up front. That’s the true essence of the band, when you can stand there and get the full impact of their crushing presence. Krull even had 2 girls from the audience come up to dance on stage, even one from Abbotsford, my home town. It was different. Truthfully I am at a loss for words to explain just how great ATROCITY really was. I know next time, I will be there supporting.

Another new band to hit the stage next for me, and that is .. LEAVES’ EYES.  Where do I even start…nothing better than seeing bands for the first time and thoroughly enjoying their performance. Leaves' Eyes is a German-Norwegian symphonic female fronted metal band from Stavanger, Norway and Ludwigsburg, Germany. At first I thought that Atrocity was out tuning instruments to help Leaves’ Eyes, but it tuned out that all of Atrocity is a part of Leaves’ Eyes, with the singer Alexander Krull also taking part in the singing. But wow, what a combination, between Liv’s vocals being the more melodic almost soprano style, then coupled with Krulls brutal crushing ones, this is a combination that you won’t soon forget. It’s unbelievable, in fact I am sure I had a smile on my face the whole time. What I also found refreshing was the fact that Liv was always saying thank you, and being so humble about everything between songs. After hearing both Atrocity and Leaves’ Eyes, I had wished that I went to more than one show. The only difference between the bands is the singer, the members of Atrocity are also part of Leaves’ Eyes, and Krull puts his vocals to Leaves’ Eyes, making this a band to reckon with. They are truly superior in my eyes. And again, I really haven’t done this band the right justice they deserve. But I am speechless at how accomplished they are. Okay, I am going to say something very girlish here too, to watch Liv move around that stage in such a flowing motion was amazing considering the high heeled shoes she had on. WOW !!

Next is MOONSPELL, the headlining band, which I had recently seen twice on Barge to Hell. These heavy metal Portuguese fellows with  Fernando on the vocals captured the attention of everyone on the floor, and they entertained the crowd for over an hour. What you will find with Moonspell is a band that is well organized, has their sound down to perfection (even when things go wrong with the guitar). They also played many a song from their repertoire, and the crowd enjoyed every minute of it. Wasn’t too sure if I enjoyed the slower songs, especially when they have such upbeat songs, and you are upbeat yourself while you listen, but maybe it’s a way to regroup and get energized again. They also had a belly dancer on the stage with them, she was good and has done this before with Ex-Deo, but not a fan of it when the bands are just so metal. Just my opinion.

Like I said, this show was the ultimate for me, all 4 bands put everything they had into their sets, and I for one could not have been any happier about it. Leaving the venue just knowing that each band was enjoyed, is a rarity. What I was surprised at, the crowds….where were they, I don’t think there was even 200 people there. There wasn’t any other show on that night. But maybe it’s a good thing, it allowed me my space at the front to really appreciate the talent from each of the bands tonight. Such a killer line-up, I didn’t even mind the drive home after that.