MARCH 28th 2014
Review by Natalie Smith
Photos by Peter Ruttan

"Hailing from the UK, metalcore powerhouse Bring Me The Horizon rolled into town Tuesday night for their sold-out show of the “American Dream Tour”, bringing Warped Tour Vets Of Mice & Men, Issues and letlive. along for the ride. 

This is the final tour in support of Bring Me The Horizon’s game changing album “Sempiternal” and the anticipation for its arrival in Vancouver was unreal. Back in December, tickets went out the door faster than anyone expected and the line for the show started as early as 5:30am Tuesday morning. Braving the rain for well over ten hours there was no questioning the dedication of the fans. 

Rise Records latest success, Issues, kicked off the night right.

They brought what the crowd wanted: Music to get them moving and pumped up for the show. The mosh pit was amped and the crowd was on their feet. This was the first time Issues has hit up Vancouver. The last time they were anywhere near here north of the border was when they were all still in the, now disbanded, Woe, Is Me. The legions of super fan girls were out in full force during their set, screaming so loud it sounded like a mini siren had gone off. You could tell from the moment they stepped on stage that Issues was here to have fun and give their fans something to remember, and they did just that. 

What can be said about letlive. that you don’t already know? Front man Jason Butler’s stage antics are a force to be reckoned with that nearly stole the show. It’s safe to say that they were a band the crowd had been dying to see for a long time. Along with Issues, they also had not played Vancouver before, but that didn’t stop them from soaking up the energy and performing with every ounce of passion they had. Jason Butler nearly took out a few photographers when he back flipped from the stage to the crowd without missing a single vocal note. Crazy? Maybe. Talented musicians? Yes. 

They delivered a high energy performance that far surpassed expectations even though the majority of the members played it safe and didn’t move around a lot, the sound was on point. Jason climbing up a ladder on the wall that was used for lights helped define their performance as one that would stand out. A lot of fans that night mentioned that after seeing the set, their respect for letlive. went through the roof.

Of Mice & Men have gone through a lot in the last year or two and that included changing up their sound on their newest album, “Restoring Force”. Opening with ‘Bones exposed’ they ensured that the mosh pits would be warmed up and ready for when Bring Me the Horizon would hit the stage later in the night. They delivered a set that was loud and powerful playing primarily new material that left a fan favourite off of their set list. They went hard. Their new, breakdown filled, material nearly overpowered the vocals and felt like they were trying to prove themselves. They laid out their souls on that stage, delivering song after song with almost no breaks between them. The power of their performance left the crowd wanting more, leading perfectly into the next set. 

Never doubt the power of the headliner. Shows here rarely sell out for bands like this at the Vogue and it did. That is one of many bonus points the band earned for the Vancouver date.

Bring Me The Horizon delivered a high energy, crowd involved set that left everyone in shock and awe. Not only was is gorgeous in terms of lighting, but everyone in the band and crowd was so into the performance there was no doubt that they had reached a level few bands reach. That level is where the passion the band has for what they’re playing is evident in every note they play, every step they take on that stage and have it equally matched by the crowd belting the lyrics right back to them. The pits were ready for anything and Oli told the crowd “I heard Vancouver has the best mosh pits in Canada. Prove yourselves” Everyone went insane. The fans sang so loud and proud that at points it drowned out the sound system. Lead vocalist Oliver Sykes acted like a seasoned veteran on stage commanding the room with an outstanding stage presence, managed to get everyone in the room sitting on the floor at one point and even parted the crowd like the sea with one simple move of his hand. Everyone on stage was jumping around, playing their hearts out and letting it be known that they’re here to make an impact and will not be going anywhere any time soon. Bring Me The Horizon changed the music scene for the better with ‘Sempiternal’, creating a sound that separated them from the pack that even included adding Synth and Keys. A mix not many would expect to work yet it worked beautifully and helped set the atmosphere. Every member of the band played their heart out and it showed. At the start of the set Oli requested that people put down their cameras and cell phones to enjoy the moment. A request that should be made at more shows.  Not sure what else can be said other than all of you that weren’t there truly missed out on one hell of a phenomenal performance. 

After talking with people at the end of the show no one was able to describe what they had just witnessed. Bring Me The Horizon left the sea of fans speechless. Not because the majority of them had no voice left but because they couldn’t form words that would do what they had just experienced justice. This was the first show in a long time that felt like a second home. Getting lost in the music, not caring who is around you or what they’re doing, actually feeling like you’re part of the show and absorbing the insane energy in the room. 

It’s safe to say that every band that hit the stage on Tuesday night is moving on up in the music scene, leaving their mark on every person that hears their songs. All of these subgenres and the music within them isn’t for everyone, but love them or hate them Bring Me The Horizon is here to stay."