FEBRUARY 6th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with AMERICAN STANDARDS a hardcore/noise punk band out of Phoenix, Arizona.

You formed the band back in 2011, what made you decide to form a band at that time ?

We decided to form a band because we were in desperate need of a few other people to drink outside of venues with.

What was the inspiration to call the band AMERICAN STANDARDS, lol, when you type in the name on google, the first thing that pops up is the name with bathroom and kitchen fixtures ;) I am guessing that’s not why you call yourselves that. Ha Ha Ha!!

Have to say, we were pretty honored when they decided to name a toilet after us. One of our least shitty moments (pun intended).

Hardcore/noise punk is what you call yourselves, tell us why you chose to pick that genre over any others ?

We try not to put a label on our genre, we'll leave that up to the listener. More often then not, we're too soft for the heavy bands and too heavy for the soft ones. Forever alone.

I know that you were one of the founding members, can you tell us how each of the other members came to join AMERICAN STANDARDS:

Corey Skowronski (Guitar): Corey was a Craigslist Success Story.

Steven Mandell (Bass): We met Steve outside of a Chumbawamba concert slanging bootleg Filas.

Tommy Mills (Drums): Tommy was one hell of a story teller in AA class.

You had your first album in 2012 “Still Life”, it was distributed worldwide, how did that turn out, did you get a good response ?

Not one person told us that our first album 'Still Life' sucked... Or at least not to our faces. So overall, I'd say it was pretty successful. Don't know if 'Still Life was so well received that we'll be a band playing the song 'Harvester' at a trashy casino in twenty years though.

You have toured in the USA with such names as Norma Jean, D.R.I, He is Legend, Sick of it All and many others, is there a band that you would really like to be on tour with, maybe one of your own personal favourites ?

We'd love to tour with one of our favorites like Refused, Snapcase or Frodus. In the meantime, we'd happily share a smelly van with our buds in Lariats.

When you are on tour, what would you say is the best part ?  It can be gruelling and so I wonder what you look forward to ?

That's a good one. Tour probably seems glamorous from the outside- you know, piles of babes and green M&Ms. Honestly, more than anything though tour is a few dudes driving in a van being nostalgic about the stuff they grew up on. We look forward to just meeting new people, checking out new places and making some memories so that one day we can reminisce about those experiences... Probably while drinking in a van outside a venue.

Do you think it’s important when you are on a tour, to have the same genre in bands, or is it better to mix it up ?

Not at all. Tour and shows in general are more fun when it's not hard to tell one band from the other. No one wants to hear 5 hours of solid noise.

Are you happy with where you are since you began in 2011 ?

We've come along way since we started in 2011 but I also think we have a long way to go and a lot more to give.

What’s something you really want to accomplish with American Standards ?

Right now we're pushing pretty hard to get this Feed The Beat sponsorship so we can tour the Taco Bell test factory. Basically Willy Wonkas golden ticket for bands. Bring on the rivers of lava sauce!

Hungry Hands, tell us how you came up with the name ?

Hungry Hands tied together the theme of the EP. It's all about always wanting more and never being satisfied. In doing so, we forget about living in the moment and making it count. Life is nothing but a collection of experiences. It's up to you to determine if they'll be good or bad and what "legacy" you'll leave after you're gone.

Who designed the artwork for the album ?
The one and only Corey Skowronski designed the album art along with all our past Merch designs. He's a man of many talents both on and off the guitar.... Ladies....

What was the inspiration behind the artwork ?

The artwork goes back to the theme of the album. A vulture clasping at a pocket watch to me is symbolical for all the things that attempt to scavenge your time. Whether it be a hobby, job, person or even an emotion- everything takes from the limited time we have and I personally have always strived to be aware of that and make sure I'm making my choices accordingly.

You released the EP on CD, vinyl and cassette, why cassette, that’s old school, and it’s pretty hard to find a cassette player these days .

I drive an old Mustang GT with a cassette player, what cooler way to listen to your own band? But honestly, it was just for the desire to try something different. Digital is taking over, there's no avoiding it. That being said, there are still niche pockets of collectors that love the different formats. We want to be everywhere and on everything that people are. Why limit yourself?

What do you mean when you say the album walks an unsettling line between raw chaos and musical experimentation ?

That's actually a line from an album review we received. To me, it just means that many heavy bands are reserved when it comes to trying something different. AMERICAN STANDARDS plays aggressive music but we're the furthest thing from a "tough guy" band. We have no problem going from a chaotic part to maybe a piano or mandolin or even playing with things like back masking as added layers. As long as it's organic, sounds good and we can reproduce it live, we're in.

It came out in March of 2014, did you tour after it was released ?

Of the albums we've released, we've done the least amount of touring on Hungry Hands   up until now. That's partially due to member changes and also our desire to write a full length for 2015. We immediately started working on that when we had the right guys in place.

If so, where did you get the best response from the crowd ?

We've always faired best on tour when playing the smaller towns and places in the Midwest. We've been lucky as a band to have such a supportive fan base and owe a lot of that to the ability to have a direct connection to everyone all over the world online. We spend several hours a day making sure we're responding to everyone and also building new connections.

Where is a place, city or country that would be a dream for you to play ?

After our west coast tour in April we've got our sights on heading back to the east coast and hopefully UK in the future.

What’s next for AMERCIAN STANDARDS ?

AMERICAN STANDARDS is putting out a compilation CD in February entitled 'Rock N Roll Revival' with 24 of our favorite artists from across the globe. All proceeds benefit a local no kill animal shelter. After that we'll have an EP soon after and a full length by end of 2015. In the midst of all this we'll be playing every basement and back alley venue that will have us.

Tell us something about the band that would surprise people .

American Standards once did a 2 hour drive listening only to the Full House theme song on loop with all the alternate takes. True story.

Where do you think you will be 5 years from now ?

Releasing a 10 year definitive collection under a label no ones heard of based out of some kids basement.

Is there anything you would like to add here that I may have missed asking but you want people to know about the band ?

We give away way too much free stuff to anyone that shows the slightest amount of affection online or at shows. It's really going to put us out of business.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us. We wish you much success, and hope to catch your show one day.

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