SEPTEMBER 14th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Guillermo, vocalist and guitarist for ANGELUS APATRIDA. The band is from the city of Albacete, about 262 miles southeast of Madrid in Spain. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. Tell us what the name ANGELUS APATRIDA means, and how did you come up with this as a band name ?

Guillermo: Well it happened almost 15 years ago when we decided to create this band! We didn’t give a fuck about the name of the band, just wanted a name for starting playing shows, so our former drummer came with this idea, mixing Spanish and Latin language, with a cool logo, so we accepted even we didn’t like it at all hahaha! After that we started to gain some good reputation in our city and some parts of Spain, so decided to keep the name because was hard enough to be “a bit famous” back those years… I think I still don’t like it but I got used to that, I love it now because is like your official First Name, and in the other hand is quite “exotic” and at least makes people pay attention to that!

2.  You started the band in 2000, what made you decide to form a band at that time?

Guillermo: We were kids; we were listening to heavy metal music since we were very young, with 8 or 9 years old, a bunch of friends who were meeting for playing their favorite songs and after that we realize that we would be able to make our own songs, so we did it! Started to compose riffs and songs, record demos and start to move our asses out from our city!

3.  You have 4 members in Angelus Apatrida, tell us how each came to be in the band:

Guillermo: All of us we are former members, we formerly got other singer and other drummer, so the first formation was Alberto Gayoso (vocals), Guillermo Izquierdo (guitars and backing vocals), David G. Álvarez (guitars), Víctor Valera (Bass, yeah bass!), Alberto Izquierdo (drums) and Jose J. Izquierdo was sometimes playing additional guitars with us! Yeah, kinda Kelly Family! Haha! After more than one year together and when we got the chance to play our first show, Víctor left the band because of family issues 6 days before our first show, so Jose took care about the bass for that show and, after that, he asked us if he could stay as the main bass player! The next year the singer decided to leave the band because it was taking more free time from him and wanted to focused more in University and my brother Alberto left the band in summer, so we started to search for a drummer and singer, Victor already got normal situation with family issues and we asked him to join again the band and to sing, because he is damn good singing! But he said he wanted to learn how to play drums and, in 5 months he was good enough to play his first show with us! For me, since I was doing backing vocals and sometimes was singing some cover songs from time to time, the rest of the guys “forced” me to sing all songs and that’s how everything started… and I still hate singing! Hahaha!

4. Have any of you previously been in bands before this ?

Guillermo: We were kids back in those years, we didn’t played in, lets say, serious bands before, just groups of school friends you know, playing some covers with different people… but Angelus Apatrida became a band because the mix of two different bands, we were sharing the same rehearsal room, Victor, David and me were playing separately and with expectations of forming a Thrash-Crossover band and, the other three guys had a band playing more classic heavy metal… so one day we decided to mix and make just one band! So we can say that yes, Angelus Apatrida is our first band ever!

5.  Your genre of music is called Thrash/Heavy metal, but when I listen to it, I get a lot more out of it, does it matter what genre people put you into ?

Guillermo: No way, we don’t care about genres or styles, we are a metal band, a heavy metal band, we got hundreds of different influences, we love tons of different bands that influence us so I agree with you, I think we are more than this.

6.  When you were younger, did you take guitar lessons, vocal training, anything like that to prepare yourself for this stage ?

Guillermo: No, we never had the chance for that, was very expensive for us to go to lessons and of course, there was no internet like now for learning everything, we just passed our time playing together, listening to our favorite bands and trying to play the same songs, way hard to learn but full of feeling!

7. You have a new album about to be released, your 5th studio “Hidden Evolution”, and it will be out in Europe (Jan.19) and North America (Jan.27) via Century Media, what was the hardest thing about putting this album together?

Guillermo: Every new album we got the same thing to get over, make a much better album than before, so I would say that this is the hardest thing about it, thanks to the experience all over these years recording and touring, we learn a lot and we are always growing up technically and musically, so the only thing we have to do is write the best songs we can!

8. The artwork for Hidden Evolution is so unique, so much to check out, how did Gyula Havancsák / (who also designed sleeves for Annihilator / Destruction / Stratovarius / Grave Digger /Nightingale) come up with such an idea ?

Guillermo: We always liked the works of Gyula and for this album we got the chance to contact him, we just gave him basic instructions for the main things we wanted, talked about the meaning of the title “Hidden Evolution” and the lyrics of the song, and the rest was all Gyula’s imagination! I think the cover is just amazing, can’t wait to see it printed on vinyl!

9. Why did you decide to record your album in Moita, Portugal at Ultrasound Studio with producer Daniel Cardoso, I am curious because I wonder why bands don’t pick a studio in their own city/country.

Guillermo: It was a coincidence that we met Cardoso’s works when searching for a studio in Spain for recording Clockwork, we loved the sound he was producing and decided to contact him, by the way Portugal is so close to Spain and it’s not so far from home, so decided to go there. After that we always choose him because he became kind of other band member, he loves our music and is always improving himself for working better every time, and I think he is making amazing improvements every new album we record with him! We are also very good friends of the guys who own the studio in Moita, Hugo and Pardal from Portuguese metal band Switchtense so, spending there the months of recording becomes a very nice experience with a bunch of friends doing barbeques, drinking beer and wine, having fun and of course recording heavy metal!

10. I know for your 2 previous recordings (Clockwork - 2010, The Call - 2012), you teamed up with the same creative staff, so does that mean we can expect to hear the same quality on Hidden Evolution or maybe something different ?

Guillermo: As I told you before, both band and producer are in constant improvement and growing up as musician and producer, so the main difference is that you are learning from past mistakes and improve things with the new album. 4 years since Clockwork means improvement on technical skills, composing, recording, writing, producing, mixing and mastering!

11. Are you happy with how it turned out with the finished album ?

Guillermo: Absolutely, if we weren’t happy we didn’t finished the mixes yet! Haha! We the pass of the time you just realize about things that maybe wasn’t perfect so we are already taking notes about things to improve with the next album!

12.  Of the 10 songs on your album, do you yourself have a favourite, and why that one if you do ?

Guillermo: Every single song is important for me, I love all of them, they all got something special. But for saying one, I would say Tug Of War, mixes perfectly speed with aggressiveness, very technical parts and one of the most catchy choruses we’ve ever wrote!

13. Who created the lyrics for the album ?  Where did the inspiration come from ?

Guillermo: It’s always my work to write the lyrics, mostly because since I have to play guitar at the same time while singing, things come easily to my mind when writing. And of course because the other guys are so lazy to do it!! Hahaha!

14. Do you have a tour planned, or in the works for after the release ?

Guillermo: Yes, we are headlining a mini tour over Spain in January with the release of the album and after that in February we join our metal mates in Suicidal Angels and Dr. Living Dead for a long tour all over Europe! After that we will make some summer festivals, a more extense Spanish tour and lets see if we can make it and tour in other places like North and South America, Australia, Asia…

15.  Where would be a place that you have always wanted to play ?

Guillermo: Lots of them, I love to play everywhere and discovering new countries, but somehow I got something special with USA, since I was a kid, was a dream going to the states and of course bring my own music! I wish it would happen sooner than later!

16.  You have been in this band for awhile now, have you ever wanted to try something different ?
Guillermo: Not with Angelus Apatrida, we got our name and our style, and that’s the way it will continue being. We got other projects, Jose Victor and me we are musician for our friends project called Nexus6, more experimental metal music in the way of Devin Townsend, Shining… and David also got other project of very groovy and aggressive metal in Valencia!

17.  Is it hard to be recognized in Spain with thrash/heavy metal ?

Guillermo: In the beginning it was, we have a huge culture in heavy metal since the 80s, but mostly all the bands those years were playing classic heavy metal and singing in Spanish, somehow when we came up back in the 2000s people paid a lot attention to us and started to grow the same we are now, nowadays there are hundreds of different bands playing very interesting music, Spain has a very strong and powerful metal scene!

18. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to when you are not working on Angelus Apatrida ?

Guillermo: I listen to a lot of music, the same that I was listening when I was a kid and all the new bands I was discovering through the years, lately I’m listening to the last albums of Mastodon, Machine Head and Foo Fighters… right now while answering this I’m listening to a Sons Of Anarchy OST compilation!

19. Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking that you would like people to know ?

Guillermo: Thanks for your time and taking care about this, we hope you really enjoy our music and hope to see you all soon on tour!!

Thank you ( Gracias ) Guillermo for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans,  we wish you all the success with “Hidden Evolution”

Hidden Evolution album teaser here: