APRIL 13th 2018



Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Music Entertainment Worldwide, we are here today with Brazilian heavy Metal band, "ANGRA".  Forming in 1991 out of music college, the guys quickly developed a sound of their own and before you know it, in 1994, Angra opened for ACDC in Brazil, and was put on the bill for Monster of Rock Festival, also in Brazil. Their success over the next 9 albums quickly spread from Brazil, to Japan, then slowly into Europe and now North America. Check out this interview for more, and go check out "Omni" if you haven't already.  I would like to thank them for doing this interview with us.

Interview By: Metal Mom

The band has had a few lineup changes over the years, understandable in today’s music business, the line-up you have now, is this a killer line-up for you guys?

Oh yes, I think it is a killer line up. Well, also I think that the atmosphere and the personal bonds that we have are very healthy and we have a very healthy environment among us. Everyone is very dedicated to the music so this is definitely a killer line up. No only in regards to the music but also on a personal level.

I read recently that you are the biggest metal band to emerge out of Brazil, what do you think makes you the biggest? How do you feel with about that title?

There’s also Sepultura, I think they can be even bigger than Angra in a few places. But we’re probably the biggest metal band in Brazil and that feels very nice. Not only Brazil but all the Latin countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy all over south America, they are also very proud for us being a Latin band which makes it a huge responsibility to please that audience. It’s nice.

What kind of influences help you to create your style of music?

Metal and rock in general, classic rock, classic metal, progressive metal, progressive rock like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Rush, King Crimson. Then pop music like Peter Gabriel, Sting, Phil Collins, then classic music of course. And Brazilian music as well.

At what age, do you remember thinking 'being in a band' is something you wanted to do?

I was probably around 12 or 13 when I started really considering being in a band.

With all the changes (both good and bad) that have emerged in the music industry, have you ever regretted being in a band?

No, I’ve regretted some bad decisions while being in a band but not ever regretted being in a band. Because I feel that this is my mission because of the things that I learn and because of the things that I need to bring to people as an artist and because I love it.

What album do you think really says this is “Angra”?

Holy Land is very Angra, The Table of Shadows is very Angra and the recent one Omni is as well very Angra.

Do you yourself have a favourite album or song amongst your discography?

Yes, the ones that I’ve mentioned are my favorite ones. Holy Land, Table Of Shadows and Omni – those are my three favorite ones. The song Holy Land is good, Gentle Change and the song Running Along, Ego Painted Grey, there are many songs that I like. I am so involved with my band, so passionate with it.

You have a new album out this year "Omni", your 9th studio album, and how have fans been reacting to it so far?

Surprisingly very well, better than we thought. A good thing is that many of the fans have been electing their favorite song in the album. And every song in the album has been elected as the favorite for someone. I think that is a good sign that we have a good album, so the fans have been reacting excellent.

Do you have a favourite song from the latest record? And why that one?

There is one song that I sing in the album, called “The Button Of my Sould”.  I would elect this one, not only because I sing it but also because it’s very personal experiences of mine that I could express in music. I had the privilege of interpreting that one. There’s another one called “Omni – Silence Inside” that is very representative of our line up and of the sound that we wanted for this record – lots of combination and styles together.

What made you decide to do a concept album?

I always wanted to have a concept to tie up all the ideas together because usually we work on too many different styles of music. From very soft ballads to very fast and intense metal parts and then pop parts, percussion parts and classic. It’s too many different mood for a single person o go through. Sometimes you can get confused. To whenever you have a concept to tie all up together it makes it easier for people to understand, that’s why. 

I personally like the concept, short stories in different time and places. Plus, communication between now and future humans who help tell the story. Whose idea was it to do this, and where did the ideas all come from?

It was my idea to do it. I have started to work this concept around six years ago and it is something that comes to my mind very often. When I’m very creative, when I need to write a song, either the lyrics or the music, I hear voices in my head all the time, voices that help me to organize my own thoughts. It’s my own voice, my own creativity flowing in a third person as if it was someone else but many times it gets so detached from myself that it sounds like a different being to a point where I start believing the aliens are coming to me and telling me the stories that I needed to tell people. So I try not to buy that too much so I won’t get too schizophrenic but many times I start to believe this.

I am curious though, you have a lot of genres put into your style, classical, heavy metal, progressive, thrash, Latin, djent, how do you put it all together?

I need story or a concept to bond, to tie up together. Second it should all sound natural for the people who are playing it. It should have meaning in a concept. It should have good structures so it don’t sound confused. It also should be honest; it should be a style that you like to listen to, music that you are really familiar with and into. Then it’s going to be an honest expression of your own taste of music. We identify ourselves with different styles of music which also means that we would express ourselves onto those styles of music in a very honest, natural way.

The artwork was drawn by Daniel Martin Diaz who did a phenomenal job, and designer Gustavo Sazes was the one responsible for integrating an organic piece, how did the idea come together for the album artwork,  did you have an idea and gave it to the artist and they came up with the cover?

The thing is, I wanted the cover to have sacred geometry. I was searching for some artists that use sacred geometry and accidentally I found Daniel Martin Diaz on pinterest, who is doing not exactly sacred geometry but his work amazed me. I started to cry when I found him because he is so attached to his work; I identified myself so much with his creative flow. I think his creative flow is very close to mine. So I asked him and I ordered a brand new picture for our cover artwork, he sent one and then a second attempt but I didn’t liked it because I was so much obsessed with one of the drawings, the one we’ve picked that we ended up using that one. This is one of his works that is not exclusive for Angra, it’s just one of his arts and it just expresses so many things in just black and white lines. It has only two dimensions, not too many elements, in contrary to many other metal covers which have many different elements. It expresses exactly what I want for the album.

Is it a long process trying to get just the right album cover to represent your music?

Yes, it is. Sometimes you could get lucky finding someone who brings the idea that fits. But usually it takes me a while to say “yes, that’s the cover”. And I think it was very surprising to bring a very simple and expressive picture to represent our music. It seems simple but it’s actually rather complex.

You have put so much into the lyrics, music and artwork, do you worry that the fans won't grasp the whole concept?

I don’t worry. It’s too many fans and too many people and it’s a work that will probably live through many decades. I really believe that this work will keep influencing upcoming bands and new generations of musicians. And of course, the fans won’t grasp the whole concept because they will have shares of it, different shares of it. Also, the fans have their own interpretation of the concept, so new ideas and new concepts will rise out of their own mind and out of their own interpretation. Many times in music we fulfill emotional needs and transform it into other stuff and that’s the beauty of it.

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

No, it was very complete; I liked the questions, thank you very much. It was very it was very exciting answering to you, Metalititans. I will look forward to meet you on our tour.

Obrigado (Thank you), I hope that is right, for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans. We are looking forward to catching you in Vancouver, BC at the Rickshaw Theatre - September 25th (my birthday).