OCTOBER 7th 2012
Review by Metal Mom

Hmmm, lets see, there seems to be a new release by Metal Blade, it came out Sept 21/24, and everyone is talking about it. Who you ask, well its AS I LAY DYING, and the name of the album is “Awakened”. Its being released as a jewel case/CD , a limited Digipak including a bonus DVD and bonus tracks as well on vinyl.

Who was involved in the process, let me tell you, it was Nick Hipa (guitar), Tim Lambesis (vocals), Jordan Mancino (drums), Phil Sgrosso (guitar), and Josh Gilbert on bass. And they teamed up with renowned rock producer Bill Stevenson, who is also the drummer for Descendents (and has played with Black Flag), and mixer Colin Richardson at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado. The artwork for the album was created by “Metastazis with Tiffanie Uldry”.

This CD has you pumped right from the start. You know the kind, the ones that has you headbanging in your home, or moving your head around while you are driving, tapping your hands/feet, its impossible to stay still. In my opinion its probably one of their most powerful, seething with contempt and hatred, never-ending energy, and along with some melodic tones, digs deep into your heads. There are outbreaks of blasting drum beats, a flurry of guitar riffs, gripping sound, that has you addicted to the elements of their music. There are some minor little changes to be heard, but its always a great thing to change it up just a little at times, because putting out the same thing time after time, gets monotonous real quick. These guys have proven themselves over and over, and I think that the small changes will bring in even more fans to give a listen. There is even an instrumental to be heard here. There are a total of 11 songs giving you the listener a total listening time of almost 43 minutes. Go on, you know that this Cd is one you need in your collection. So what are you waiting for, go get it, and then enjoy some creative metalcore/death metal with a twist of thrash thrown in for your listening pleasure.