SEPTEMBER 8th 2015

Review by: Char Tupper

Ascension, a band founded back in 2004 from Los Angeles, CA and Roanoke, VA, brings together a mix of both arena metal combined with black and thrash metal. Cannot imagine what that would sound like all thrown together? Well, let me tell you, Ascension’s latest CD, “The Order of the Silver Compass” will help you put that into perspective. Let this power trio take you deeper into their latest album, and you will see how these genres truly work together.

The intro to the record, “ Reading Between the Lines”, the acoustic and eerie feeling to the tones, gives off that most definite black metal vibe, but as the song progresses, that black metal sound quickly changes into an arena metal tone with catchy guitar riffs , but the thrash style of heavier drums and mixed vocals. Speaking of vocals, the range from both the heavier, deeper growls into more that power metal clean singing really grabs you and pulls you into the song and we are only on the first track.

All the songs on this record are diverse both musically and vocally. It is always an amazing thing to hear such a range of sounds in a band considering a lot of bands nowadays prefer to be “categorized” in one specific genre, yet opening up your horizons, gives you a sound unlike anyone else. Listening to every song, you can hear the diverse influences that Ascension has put into their unique sound. For instance, the title track, “The Order of the Silver Compass” ranges from the traditional sound of thrash mixed with black metal vocals, but quickly changes to clean vocals of power metal influence, but keeping the thrash undertones. This diversity is the kind of music I love to listen to because it suits any mood I am in. If I crave something loud in my face, it has the thrash, or if Im feeling more “mellow”, I have my black metal binge within the songs. Having a good vibe kind of day? Well look no further, the arena metal tones to this CD will accommodate those days as well.  I also quite enjoy that the vocals are easier to understand and sing along to while listening.

It is safe to say, I simply cannot pick a single song that I favour, all the songs stand out from each other in their own way. Let’s just say, that you need to get this CD when it is released because I can’t say enough good things about the sound, artwork, vocals, diversity, shall I go on? No? well, go listen to the new album teaser video below, or go to the official website to learn more about upcoming tours and release date of the new record, “The Order of the Silver Compass”.

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