JULY 5th 2019

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

Attika is a band from Ohio that achieved ‘cult status,’ they combined elements of progressive metal, power metal and thrash metal, sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? Attika have recently reissued their 1991 album ‘When Heroes Fall’ on CD. As you can imagine, there's plenty of action from song to song,  and there isn’t a dull moment on this record. Truth be told, the album suffers from the lack of remastering, it’s dated for sure, but the murky sound on the recording, has a sonic equivalent of a moderately circulated cassette demo tape. Those of you seasoned metal head [okay you geezers!] know exactly what I’m talking about. In keeping of the subject of cassettes, something tells me that it was transferred to digital directly from a cassette tape!

Having said that, there’s a handful of standout moments on ‘When Heroes Fall,’ amongst them are, “Filming The Tragedy,” “Silent Rage,” “When Heroes Fall,” “Prisoners Of Habit,” all of which are the first four tracks in sequence! The band showcases their chops, throughout the album, but the production kills the impact of ‘When Heroes Fall.’ I can only imagine what this would sound with a ‘bitchin’’ remastering job! The bottom half of the album isn’t as strong as the first half of the album, though I’m quite fond of the epic “Black Rose.” As a ‘bonus’ the band have included a live cut of “Silent Rage,” that gives the listener an idea of what the Attika live experience would have been like.

A complete overhaul of the album, a remaster would have been wonderful, possibly new artwork with more detailed liners would rule. The crimson print on dark background, really makes it hard to make anything out [age might play a part in this]. There’s lots of retro bands out there right now that are trying to sound similar to Attika.  There’s certainly a market for this record, there’s definitely a lot of fans of this sub-genre would rejoice over ‘When Heroes Fall.’ In short, this album is ‘Hesher’ approved, trust me when I say they’ll devour a record like this.