JUNE 3rd 2016

Review by: Lady M

Genre: Death Black Metal

Hometown: Vancouver B.C

Produced by: 20 Buck Spin

Band members:  

Zack Chandler-drums

Shawn Hache- Bass/Vocals

Sebastian Montesi- Guitars/Vocals

From Forgotten Worlds was originally released in 2012 by Hellthrasher Productions it is now scheduled to be re-released on March 11, 2016 on vinyl.

Auroch is an interesting name for a death metal band as it is the name of a now extinct type or cattle that died out in the 1600s. Also is the name of a similar cattle type creature in the game Dungeons & Dragons. So if you ever get asked where’s the beef. .you can coyly say  in western  Canada.  Ha-ha.

Ok on a more serious note.  The opening to the majority of their songs are quite good, but unfortunately once the vocals start it turns into a rhythm less mumble jumble that resembles monkeys beating pan lids together and screaming ..which there are about 100 other bands just like them here in the Seattle area alone.  Nothing really to set them apart from the rest.