MAY 29th 2016 

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper
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Well a new band tonight, and one I haven’t seen since 2013, so I am looking forward to this. I do also enjoy when a show is held at the Commodore Ballroom.

Starting off the night is a band out of Seattle, Washington called HEIRESS, a contemporary loud / quiet band. I thoroughly enjoyed their set while I was up front. Everything was great, and then I moved back in the crowd, yikes, I had to plug my ears, it was unbelievably loud, but, all that being said, when I plugged my ears, the sound was amazing ;) . They played a variety of songs, they even played a song for their friend who had passed 2 weeks ago, and they held it together well. It was cool, as I looked at the members I thought, hey I know some of these guys, well low and behold, they work El Corazon a venue in Seattle. Guess they got tired of watching everyone else crank out their tunes, and they formed and put together their own sound. You really need to catch them live, they played a phenomenal set. Also glad they got through the border to perform for us.

BARONESS, now I wasn’t sure what to expect it has been a few years now. But I didn’t need to worry about it, holy geez, what a show, what energy, what an amazing set. I found myself smiling the whole time, was nodding along to their songs. I admire a band that has the steady rhythm and exude such talent. There were many solos here, and I haven’t heard solos like this in many a year. There were even songs, where there was not a lot of vocals, and I am not a huge fan of that, but Baroness quickly changed my mind. They definitely have a unique sound all their own. Looking around the room, everyone was up front, all enjoying what they were seeing, having a really terrific time. I went and sat down for a song, but just couldn’t stay seated, you had to be up there, getting some full on Baroness. I have not seen/heard such a varied set in a long time, and these guys knew how to pull it all together. Lights were good, sound excellent. I am speechless actually, there is no way to explain the exemplary set they performed. I just know I was lucky enough to be there. I hope they return soon, I will be there again, right up front.