MARCH 20th 2019

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos: Char Tupper

MRG Concerts brought to The Vogue Theatre last night, March 20th, these three bands, one I have seen many times, the other two never, always exciting to catch some new acts.

First up tonight is Switzerlands ZEAL & ARDOR, I missed most of the set because being out of town, and trying to get there when you get off work at 6pm and then fight traffic, well it is going to happen. Sorry guys, only caught a few of your songs. Not sure what you would call their style, maybe a bit of blues, soul, but with a touch of heavy. I only caught 2 songs, so really wasn't enough to review, but I did enjoy what I heard. Next time hopefully I can catch more of your set. Sadly when I came in though, the lights were so dark, you could barely see them on stage, which I am pretty sure that is what they wanted.

American based DEAFHEAVEN is next, haven't covered them before either. So had no clue what to expect. I was a little concerned, as the first song was really long, but also not my style, but then part way through their set, something clicked, they did songs I really enjoyed. The singer had enough energy for the whole band. He was mesmerizing to watch. They played some great songs, although I am sure there was some feedback on some. You also have a tendency to watch someone all the time with that kind of spunk, but then I looked around the stage, watching the others, and I noticed something all around the drum kit, white roses, yes, roses. It was cool to see. Guitar work was phenomenal and drum blasts kicked ass. All in all, each played a great set.

Up next, I have seen a few times now. BARONESS, and these guys are always at their best, and I find that Baroness is so much better live, you can see the energy and it transfers to the crowd. They played a variety of their songs much to everyone's happiness, looking around the room, watching their reactions is pretty cool to watch too, it is a mirror of the band on stage. Powerful songs, whether fast or slowed down, they had the fans by the throat and didn't let go. Always so great to see these guys live. I wish I could have stayed for the whole set, but sadly I was sick, and just couldn't, I tried, but just had to go home. But what I saw was talent, excuted to perfection. Hope they return soon so I can see their full set.