AUGUST 12th 2017


Review By: Metal Mom

Photos By: Char Tupper

I waited a long time to see Behemoth again, previous tour sadly didn’t come close, so no way was I missing them again, after all it was only 3 hours away. They are first on the bill this tour, so only a 30-minute set (not nearly enough time), but being on a bigger tour, they were going to get the chance to really showcase their talent. They did that, and more.

If you are not familiar with Behemoth, let me tell you a little about these Polish metal titans.  Forming in 1993, out of Gdansk Poland, they have grown from the underground scene, to unbelievable popularity amongst the genre, and trust me, that is a great thing these days. Who is part of this conquering band today, you say, well, you have founding member, “Nergal” (vocals, guitar), then you have “Inferno” (drums) however, because Inferno could not make this tour, sitting behind the kit on this tour is Jon “The Charn” Rice, “Orion” (brutal bass riffs/backing vocals), “Seth” (guitar/backing vocals), put that together and you get a force so powerful, you  

They have some amazing albums under their belt, and truthfully, you can watch the talent grow on each album as they progress, check them out:

1995 – Sventevith
1996 – Grom
1998 – Pandemonic Incantations
1999 -  Satanica
2000 – Thelma.6
2002 – Zos Kia Cultus
2004 – Demigod
2007 – The Apostasy
2009 – Evangelion (Won – Heavy Metal Album of the Year)
2014 – The Satanist (Won – Album of the Year)

The band has faced some struggles along the way, line-up changes, the usual, but one of those moments could almost have put a stop to Behemoth. That was when Nergal was diagnosed with Leukemia, band work had to stop for him to concentrate on conquering this disease, and he conquered all! He continues showing us on every tour that he is back stronger than ever.

It was time to go into line, and at first, I wasn’t happy.  That line-up, looked like it went on for days.  However, in a matter of minutes of doors opening, the line went through security and ticket scanning quick, and before I knew it, I was inside in my spot upfront. I was soon going to be enjoying myself to the fullest, and boy, did I enjoy it.

Lights dimmed, cheers exploded, and I was thrilled to see the guys hit the stage. Fantastic setlist, very diverse considering they are having to pick from such a massive discography. I think I am pretty sure that no matter what songs they chose, I would have been ecstatic. I have always thought that any vocalist can be replaced if needed, but after listening to the distinctive growls of this man, I am wrong. I am not going to run through the songs they played, you need to go and find out for yourself, because if I tell you, you will kick your own ass for not going.

Nergal partway through the set, lights began to shine, he enters the stage swinging the incense burner, giving off a light smoke creating a great ambiance. Fantastic stage set up as well, great lighting, making for a spectacular night. The band also all move around,  giving each side of the stage a full view of what everyone does. Also there were amps , close to stage level in front, meaning that the guys could come down and have a much more personal, closer interaction.

All four played in a class all their own, an excellent set, each and every one of them, showed off their masterful skills. They have been doing this for a while now, but they know how to please a crowd, a lot of talent behind each of these musicians. We all went crazy, and I for one, truly acknowledge the hard work, and dedication it takes to pull all this together.

It has been a long time since I didn’t have to worry about moshers, or even look to what was going on with security. I could focus 100% on the band I have seen many times over, and still am thrilled and anxiously await their performance. They don’t disappoint…EVER. When they were finished, Seattle showed their appreciation with cheers, horns, even the two Canadian fans in the audience. They truly conquered all. 😉