NOVEMBER 24th 2015

Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment Worldwide, we are here with Helmuth, Heretic Grunts/ Chainsaw of Belphegor who come from European Hell. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Yes, I describe BELPHEGOR as a European outfit since Serpenth is from Prague, CZ and has been a band member since 2006. Our live drummer, Bloodhammer, is a German machine and session shredder Molokh also Austrian. We built up and started in Austria yes, but nowadays I guess "European troop" is more correct.

1. Last time we saw you was back in 2011, glad to see you return to North American soil again. I have to ask you though, why does the tour go into Canada back east, but you don't come up to Vancouver when you tour ?

It feels great to be back here, it's been a while. This tour [North American Tour # IX] has 19 dates where we concentrate on main capitals. Canada is always great, North America in general. Yeah..maybe we will return for another run then cover Vancouver and more. We often have played there before and it always was an intense experience between band and audience.

2. October 5th you premiered your video "Black Winged Torment", a track off "Conjuring the Dead" that came out in Aug of 2014, what made you choose this one to put into video over the other songs ?

BELPHEGOR ‘Black Winged Torment’

As the LP came out in August 2014, we released a video for CONJURING THE DEAD, the massive title track. For this second video of this album, we wanted to visualize one of our fastest songs we ever written. BLACK WINGED TORMENT and LUCIFER INCESTUS are the two fastest songs we have ever created. Machine gun fukking snare attacking.

3. It was filmed and edited in Aveiro, Portugal by director Guilherme Henriques, who comes up with the ideas for the video, or do you work together to create ?

Guilhermes and his team did a great job. I didn't come up with a lot of ideas for that clip. I just had let them work and expressed what I knew I didn't want to have in there, haharr. That's it. Full of magick, – evil and obscenity, just what we wanted it to be. BELPHEGOR to the bone.

4. How do you come up with such ideas ?

Because the world is full of shit. Humans digging their own graves, fukking everything up in the name of greed and power, even their own race and mother nature. That’s why I live in a world with my own rules and ideas, outside of the city, ..very hermetical and I decide for myself how I want to do things and which path the band walks, you know. Furthermore, I travel a lot, see a lot etc, so ideas come naturally to me, I don’t have to sit down and think for months about what I could do. I had the chance to see and experience so much in my life and yeah, that’s where I gain the most inspiration from…life is the greatest inspiration.

5. Your album cover for Conjuring the Dead was done by Seth Siro Anton, how did you come to choose Seth for the artwork ? Excellent cover by the way.

Thank you. Seth also did the artworks for PESTAPOKALYPSE VI in 2006. It was time to recruit him again, we worked together on each detail for months. It came out amazing. I dig his style of creating art.

6. How did the artwork come together, did you have ideas and hand them to Seth, or did you both work together to create the album cover ?

I always know exactly what I want, yes. Seth is also experienced and knows how to get evil visions on paper.

7. Tell us what the cover represents ?

When I start creating art, the key is that it is blasphemic and uttermost diabolic, like the verses we are known for since we began over two decades ago. Sometimes a touch of black humour against the damn church and institutions in general. We don’t kneel down, we are enemies to the cross…fukk religion. Some people dig it, some hate it, some are offended, all fine by me. I don’t care you know, I know what I am doing. Take it as it is, or leave it and fuKK off!!

8. Won't be long now and you are about to embark on a tour co-headlining with Kataklysm, how did the tour come together, was it the labels who put it together, or ??

I know Maurizio for a long time, he came up with that idea, and I thought that fits to our schedule so let's do it. As a two piece Co-Headliner with local supports each day. We did already six intense Rituals with our sikkos in KATAKLYSM and gained loads of great experiences this performances. Many new Death/ Black Metal soldiers got recruited at those shows and we also meet up with old friends. It's great, I missed the American spirit the last 4 years. My health issues didn't allow me to come back earlier. Fukking North's great for a European band to conjure the dead over here.

9. What are you most looking forward to coming back to North America ?

The people of course. A show is good if we get to feel the magick from the audience, when they are into the band, you know. That makes it all even better and we shred our songs into the audience with the uttermost brutality,…a BELPHEGOR concert is more like a Ritual than an average Metal show you can see a hundred times.

10. What city do you most enjoy playing while here ?

Wherever the crowd is into it, and that it's loud and wild. Thing is, it doesn't matter if it's before 50 or 20.000 people like at big festivals. Also, the Knotfest thing was an interesting experience, we never played an open air in the States. We celebrated Diabolical Death Metal and crushed the holy spirit in San Bernardino!

11. You do a European tour after, and then you have some shows booked in 2016. I see you are on 70000 tons, are you looking forward to it ? Have you done any kind of cruise before ?

We never did a cruise before. We played on a boat in Hungary in east Europe 7-8 years ago, but never a real cruise. I'm sure this will be another great chapter for BELPHEGOR. As long as we get challenged we get exited about this whole thing, we will march on and spread brutal Metal around the world.

12. After all of these, what are your plans ?

We will keep ourselves busy, as always. BELPHGEOR live is something special. After this US tour and EU raid in January 2016, we will start to create a new album while still playing in open airs/festivals worldwide. But don’t expect the LP to release before Oct/ Nov. 2016. One song is already released and we presented the track at each show here in the USA, entitled, TOTENKULT – EXEGESIS OF DETERIORATION. For the new LP, we are searching for a more raw  and violent sound, more in the direction how our sound-collages are in a live situation. That’s all what I can say at the moment. Be prepared, this will be one of the most intense BELPHEGOR LP's to date, that’s an eternal Metal oath.

13. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview ?

Thanks for the space and hails to the people that attend our shows, listen to our Musick and buy our merchandise,..or just support us in any way you can. You are the ones that make it happen so BELPHGEOR still is a roaring tank and marches in worldwide with maximum capacity.  An honour – this horror..