JANUARY 26th 2015
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


No way was I missing this all out black metal warfare, it’s not often such bands of this magnitude come together in one place. Are you ready, because tonight they are amongst us here in Vancouver.  I was a little worried, a trip down to Seattle to pick up the photographer who was in LA covering Namm, and together running a little late, picked up our car only to find out, dead, now we are panicked, but we managed to get it going again, and rushed down into town.

With all that, we missed all but the last song for REVENGE, who are from Edmonton, Alberta and considering they are death/black metal, from what I heard this was a perfect band to start the night off with. The floor was filled, had to fight my way down to the front to grab my usual listening spot. Really wish I had heard more.

Next, is who I came for, last time I saw Watain was 10/22/2013, and that’s too long ago. But I will tell you, if you missed seeing these leading extreme black metal titans at their best, then you really missed out. More importantly, there were a couple of surprises tonight. If you were there, then you know, but for those of you who missed out, well Alvaro Lillo came on stage, someone I haven’t seen in a long time on this side of the border.  But, that was not the only surprise, Set Teitan also took the stage, so if you didn’t make it down, then you are probably kicking your ass as you read this.  With this line-up, they gave us a true set from the masters themselves. The floor was a solid wall of fans, but I will say, something I didn’t expect, was to be able to stand right up front at the bar and take in the full effect of WATAIN. There is non other. They played an array of songs from their catalogue to everyone’s headbanging enjoyment. Truthfully, I am not sure I can do them justice, they have a talent beyond words, black/death metal, a lot of darkness, but their style carries them above and beyond. There is no way I am moving, I don’t care if there is a 200 lb mosher slamming into me, I will hang on, I am not missing one note, one movement. Their music is such that it has you hanging on to every note coming forth. You are truly almost in a trance state. It’s really a ritual with Watain, they really are unique.  Watch them on stage, enjoy what you are watching, there is no other band capable of such a vision. As you can tell I am so happy not to have missed them play. Some people just can’t handle Watain, but you really need to take a step up, visually take it all in, listen, and become enthralled with what they do. I did miss the smell though, yes, I did. Some people gag at it, but tonight wasn’t as strong. But you know what you are getting with Watain. Thank you so much for such an absolutely outstanding performance.

Last dark performance tonight comes from none other than MAYHEM. It has been a long time since I have seen them play as well, Barge to Hell was the last to be exact. When you don’t see them play often, you really do forget what their stage performances are like. It’s dark of course, you can’t have bright lights for death/black metal. The atmosphere is equally as black. Great choice of songs, just looking around the room, people had horns in the air, moshing brutally, and singing. Now this band, there was no way I could stand up front. Which I absolutely hate, when you stand at the back of the room, you just don’t get that dark awareness. In fact you get stuck with the drunks who insist on talking to you during the show. I tried very hard to get my fill of Mayhem, and you can’t go wrong with the depth of deep dark true mayhem. They also played a variety from their discography to everyone’s enjoyment. Ever watched Hellhammer on those drums, fast, doesn’t even describe it. Each and every member had their own soul, their own lifeblood to give tonight. Don’t pay attention to things you read or rumours that get passed about, listen to the music, watch the band members on stage, giving it their all for their pleasure and yours. One brutal kick ass show.