SEPTEMBER 18th 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

BLINK 182 ‘Crappy Punk Rock’, hey, it’s what they call themselves. The Abbotsford Centre was sold out quickly for this show. I was lucky enough to get a special ticket and watch from a great vantage point to see them play.  Unfortunately, due to some work schedules, I wasn’t able to see the two opening acts, DJ Spider and The All- American Rejects. Im sure they put on a great set also, hopefully can catch them next time around.

Now, Blink 182, I remember this band. Long time ago, before heavy metal came into their lives, my kids listened to them growing up (Aging myself here). Now in all honesty, I just came off 2 days of some metal, so it was time to switch thinking and do a proper job of reviewing this band.  So here we go.

You knew it was close to time when the black curtain dropped down, the cheers rose high and the curtain dropped. They cranked out their first song to a very anxious fan base, and having the letters behind them spelling out “Fuck” added to the cheers and cry’s from the crowd.

It has been awhile since the boys released an album, 2011 was Neighborhoods, and this year 2016 is California. They played a variety of their songs for the crowd, and each and every one of them were singing and moving, you can’t just sit when you have an enthusiastic band. Was kind of fun to watch from a higher spot, rather than being on the floor this time. You saw everyone, all around the venue, move, people seated were standing, and the floor moved like waves. The people surrounding me, where in their element, loving every minute of it.

There were a lot of things that the band did, including some pyro technics that set off the alarms, and the fire department arrived. No one was chased out; the show must go on you know. There were fireworks of sorts, you had to be there to believe everything that happened with Blink 182. Even some blow up dolls were thrown out, but not all came back. ;)

Three men came together and gave it their all for their fans. The only thing I have to say is, I thought they would have had a little more energy. The stage was huge, lots of room, I couldn’t see any equipment in the way. I was kind of expecting some jumping around. But who am I to say, maybe they were exhausted, or were sick, which seems to be going around with bands these days, but don’t get me wrong, they put on one hell of a show.

The first band I saw tonight is hardcore “A Day to Remember” (ADTR), holy geez, these guys were fantastic, I had not seen them before, like I said previously, we cover more metal, but it was great that we got the chance to expand our coverage, especially when these guys hit the stage. At one point, I was laughing, but that was only because the singer looked like he was inside a hamster ball, and went out onto the heads of the crowd and moved around.

I was extremely impressed, I dislike hardcore myself, but they put it together and make everyone stand up and take notice. They played a variety of songs, sorry, because I don’t know the band, I couldn’t say which songs, and personally don’t care, I liked them all.

There is a lot of talent here, and so much energy, you just couldn’t take your eyes off them, and you didn’t take a bathroom break in case you missed something. In the beginning they shot out a bunch of t-shirts for those that might not know who they are. Fantastic idea. Fans new or old were getting to take home a bonus. This is what I call a show, great music, high energy, and just all around professionalism. Each song was different, they were not all the same, you could tell where one started and ended. It would have been great to have a longer set. The crowd was crazy for them too; it is great to see the reaction fans gave. Would I see them again? Yes, I would.

Thank you both Blink 182, and A Day to Remember for making the trek to Abbotsford, a sold out crowd, that appreciated your time, energy and all around talent.