APRIL 13th 2015
Review By: Carine Ooms

Sunday, March 22,  Polish death metallers Hate played at Muziekodroom in Hasselt Belgium as support to Vader.

The two previous times I saw this band was in 2013, only a few days before bass player 'Mortifier' passed away at the very young age of 27.  I was very shocked at the time to read the news because I had just seen him play, so full of life and very much present at the stage.  

So I knew there would be a new line up this time, with a new drummer as well, Pavulon as replacement of Hexen, but to my big surprise the guitarist who entered the stage was not Destroyer either.  I don't know if he left the band or just had to sit this tour out for other reasons, but now it was only ATF Sinner who was left from the previous line up.

Nevertheless, they blasted away from the very beginning, with heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums, accompanied by the grunting vocals of ATF Sinner.

They played both new material from the latest album CRVSADE : ZERO and classics from former albums, such as Alchemy of Blood, Erebos, Threnody and Hex, which is my absolute favourite because the drums are so catchy and haunting it stays in your head for days.

Hate is not a band that asks for much interaction of the audience or has a lot to say in between  songs, but when ATF Sinner did ask them to shout along or make some noise, the response was quite mediocre and it was for the second time in a week I heard that a metal band was not impressed with the Belgian audience.

Hate is often compared to and placed in the shadow of fellow Polish metallers Behemoth and I think it is about time people stopped doing that.  They don't have to be in anyone's shadow because those who have seen them live can confirm that they are all excellent musicians who deserve credit for their music and capabilities. They bring their own dark atmosphere to the stage which doesn't leave you untouched and I hope to see them again, next time as headliners.