FEBRUARY 17th 2015

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal Entertainment worldwide, we are here with Thomas from BLOOD GOD. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

How did you come up with the name Blood God ?

We have a song Blood for the Blood God with our Death Metal band DEBAUCHERY. It was inspired by the tabletop wargame Warhammer and the song was very successful (for our standard, haha). The Blood God followed me ever since that song. On every record there was one title with the Blood God. The Blood God became something like a DEBAUCHERY trademark character, and has a story of its own by now. In fact there is not only one Blood God but many and they are all demon-possessed dragons. The story about them is told in more detail in the DEBAUCHERY & Blood God background world called World of Blood Gods. People can check out the homepage for more details.   

Tell us how each of your band members came to be in the band ?

The bass player was with me on the second DEBAUCHERY record in 2004. The other guys started as paid session musicians with DEBAUCHERY when I came up with the songs for Blood God.
Did each of the guys come up with their own names, like Mr. Kill, Mr. Blood ?

No it was just something I did because of the many changes in the line-up of the band. Every concert there was someone new, so I just said, OK: you are Mr. Kill, Mr. Blood and Mr. Death.
I read that you were previously a teacher, is this true, and what made you decide to leave and be in a band ?

I was only in the practising year and they told me: Heavy Metal or school. I decided for Heavy Metal.
Had you always wanted to be in a band, was it a child dream ?

Yes, since I`m 11 or something like that. It began with my first CD. Appetite for Destruction. When I was 15 and saw Angus Young I began to play guitar. I wanted to be a rhythm guitarist and write songs like Judas Priest. The „singing“ was more or less something I had to do because there was no vocalist around.
What made you decide on hard rock/heavy metal instead of maybe thrash or ?

I did it all. Thrash songs like Primordial Annihilator, Black Metal songs with keyboards like Wolves of the North, acoustic stuff, groove Death Metal, brutal blast-beat Death Metal. Everything with DEBAUCHERY. But I always wanted to make Hard Rock or Heavy Metal. Like Priest, Accept or AC/DC. If you check out DEBAUCHERY you can hear it. My first real Hard Rock album was Hotter than Hell, the band was called Big Ball. The follow-up was No Brain But Balls with Blood God and now Blood is my Trademark with Blood God too.
How did you come up with being covered in blood and having half naked blood babes on stage ?

We started the blood thing with DEBAUCHERY. So people could remember us. The blood sticks. People remember it. When I started with the Hard Rock band Big Ball we had no blood, played a lot of shows but in the end no-one remembered us. So I decided to do the same with Blood God. After 10 years it is perhaps to late to change the image anyway.
The Blood Babes were more or less coincidence too. I had a stripper girlfriend once, she wanted to dance on stage. People like it a lot, so it began.   
Who writes the lyrics for Blood God ?

Where does the inspiration come to write them ?

The lyrics of the new album are all about my own world, the World of Blood Gods. A fantasy world like Warhammer and stuff like that. With elves, demons, vampires, dragons and other monsters. I think I’m something like a fantasy nerd, haha.
You have a recently released album "Blood is my Trademark", I am guessing the title came from you wearing the blood, or was there another reason to call it this ?

Yes, you’re right, because of the blood we use on stage. We thought that would be fitting.
Tell us what people can expect from this album ?

Heavy Metal.
Why did you pick to record and produce at the House of Music Studios with Dennis Ward ?

I always record with Dennis Ward, it was the 8th album with him I think. He is just the best. And we were in the House of Audio studios, the record company did something wrong. But anyway the studio is just near to his home. It´s a good studio but in the first place we decided for it, so Dennis can be with his family in the evening.
How did you pick the iconic fantasy illustrator Adrian Smith to do your cover artwork?

I love his work for 20 years now. 2007 or 2008 I asked him the first time if he would make something for me and he did. That was awesome, and it is to this day. I just adore his monsters and it’s always like Christmas when he sends me a new artwork.
Did you give him the idea, or did he come up with an image that you approved ?

I tell him a little bit about the idea, the background and the title. But the rest is up to him. He never let me down this far, his monsters are always over the top.
With your home country being Germany, is it easy to be recognized with the hard rock / heavy metal sound ?

No, this kind of music seems to be dead. Of course the old bands like AC/DC Accept, Priest are the biggest in the Metal scene, but there are not many new real Heavy Metal or Hard Rock bands. Most play Deathcore, Metalcore, Pagan and stuff like that. But perhaps it will change any time soon. There is 3 Inches of Blood, and Bullet and some more like them. Hope this will change the scene.
Tell us something that would surprise people to know about Blood God .

Haha, perhaps there was one or more surprises already, that we play Death Metal normally. And we are vegetarians haha... and we have our own tabletop wargame called Carnage. You can find it on www.worldofbloodgods.com and we have some Debauchery Blood God miniatures too, like the Killerbeast, the Carnager and there will come a Demonslayer soon. We also have our own Blood God vodka...
Is there a dream tour for you, a band you would really enjoy touring with, or a place that you would enjoy playing ?

I would love to play in the USA, but I can’t afford a support tour. Otherwise, I played a tour with SAXON, that was a dream coming true. OK, to support Priest or HALFORD as solo band would be even more awesome.
Do you ever regret changing your career ?

Not yet.
What type of music do you enjoy listening to when you are not hard at work on Blood God ?

Heavy Metal and Hard Rock: AC/DC, Priest, Maiden, Motörhead, Ugly Kid Joe, Saxon, 3 Inches of Blood etc.
Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I might have missed asking you that you want the people to know about BLOOD GOD ?

Yeah, check out the new album. That`s all there is to know. And play it loud.
Thank you ( Danke ) for doing this interview with us at Metaltitans, and we wish you much success in Blood God.

Bitteschön. Thank you very much. Cheers