MARCH 28th 2016

Review by: Metal Mom

AFM Records

Release date: 26 Feb 2016

Band Members:

Patrik Johansson - lead vocals
Tomas Olsson - lead & rhythm guitars
Fredrik Bergh - keys & backing vocals
Henrik Olsson - rhythm guitar
Pelle Åkerlind - drums & percussion
Anders Broman - bass

I almost don’t want to do this review, I want everyone to know how first rate it is. I will also be honest with you here, I have never heard of Bloodbound, until I started sharing their tour dates everyday while they were on tour with Sabaton. So to get this in the inbox, and discover just how talented and good they are to listen to, I was ecstatic. To tell you the truth too, I didn’t want to concentrate on writing this review, the music is just way too good to stop listening to to write it. Honestly, I am so impressed. But for those of you, like myself who don’t know the name Bloodbound, here is a little info before I get into the review.

Swedish power metal band Bloodbound was founded by Fredrik Bergh (keyboards) and Tomas Olsson (guitars) in 2004. After quickly securing a record deal, the group went on to unleash their debut “Nosferatu” in 2005, followed by “Book Of The Dead” (2007), “Tabula Rasa” (2009), “Unholy Cross” (2011), 2012’s “In The Name Of Metal” and “Stormborn” (2014).

Ten years and six studio albums into their history now, Swedish power metal band Bloodbound has released a Live DVD/CD, titled "One Night Of Blood", on February 12th.

The featured concert was recorded at the Czech Republic’s Masters Of Rock festival 2015 and it includes songs from all Bloodbound studio albums, with "Tabula Rasa" marking the sole exception.

Fredrik Bergh says “The Masters Of Rock festival has always been great for BLOODBOUND, we’ve played there several times and it always felt like coming home”, “That’s why recording a Live DVD there was an obvious choice for us.”

Another reason for releasing a product like that is the fact that BLOODBOUND more and more are becoming a touring band, proof being in February they toured with Sabaton with a European roundtrip.

Besides the entire Masters Of Rock concert, “One Night Of Blood” (DVD version) includes a documentary, the video clips “Stormborn”, “In The Name Of Metal” and the previously unreleased “In The Name Of Metal” performance version + additional Live clips (“Moria” Live @ Masters Of Rock 2012, “Stormborm” Live @ Out & Loud festival 2015, “In The Name Of Metal” Live in Oberhausen 2015).

Maybe on two hands I can count how many times I have been speechless with a review, and this has just been added to my list. I know for a fact, I can’t do this justice, I can only say that this has been playing all day, while I try to write. It is a CD that needs to be put into your car’s DVD player and cranked up and drive down the road on a sunny day. Once you know the words, you are definitely going to be singing along as loud as you can. This has everything you could possibly want, great compositions, melodies that catch your attention and hold it. Each song, just as spectacular as the last, you just want more and more. You are going to rock your brains out on this. This is Swedish heavy metal at it’s best. This has given me such a variety in songs, so well written, but yet, I found each of the songs had something different, they didn’t all blend together. What can I say, my words, can’t begin to say just how talented this band is, so I will tell you, it is out, so don’t wait, go purchase this album and enjoy to the fullest. I did, and still am.  So thank you very much Bloodbound for giving me/the fans such a phenomenal taste of your music. Get ready metal heads, this will blow your mind, and you will always be ready for more.

Track listing "One Night Of Blood"


01. Bloodtale
02. Iron Throne
03. When Demons Collide
04. In The Name Of Metal
05. When The Kingdom Will Fall
06. Moria
07. Nightmares From The Grave
08. Metalheads Unite
09. When All Lights Fail
10. Book Of The Dead
11. Metal Monster
12. Stormborn
13. Nosferatu
14. Nosferatu Symphony

DVD Bonus Content:

15. Stormborn (video clip)
16. In The Name Of Metal (video clip)
17. In The Name Of Metal (performance Version)
18. Moria (Live at Masters Of Rock 2012)
19. Stormborn (Live at Out & Loud Festival 2015)
20. In The Name Of Metal (Live in Oberhausen 2015)
21. The Bloody Documentary