SEPTEMBER 19th 2017


MetalTitans caught up with Shaun McCoy the singer of Bobaflex who I saw for the first time on the inaugural Gigantour in 2005 which included Symphony X, Fear Factory, Anthrax, Dream Theater, Nevermore and of course Megadeth. Fast forward to 2017—Bobaflex just released a new record ‘Eloquent Demons’ and are still very much active on the road promoting their music. Aside from my mistake is referring to ‘Shaun’ as ‘Marty’ [his brother] things went off without a hitch.

By Ruben Mosqueda

MetalTitans: First off, what inspired the cover art? It reminds me of the glory days of my youth when I would pick up albums based on the artwork alone.

Shaun McCoy: Basically I had the concept when I came up with the title. A famous comic illustrator named Kyle Hotz lives in my city, I know this because I'm the biggest comic nerd you'll ever meet! I reached out to him on Facebook and I couldn't believe he hit me back in like an hour. I sent pics of each of each member and said, “Make us into demons wearing tuxedoes drinking wine." A few weeks later, he hits us with the masterpiece you see on the cover today. Being a comic freak, I can scratch this cover off of my bucket list.

MetalTitans: ‘Eloquent Demons’ what a great album title. Who came up with that and what’s the background story on that?

Shaun McCoy: I did! [laughs] I just wanted a classic title that resembled the rock bible of using a word of finesse with something heavy or harsh. Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses etc. The eloquent represents the beautiful delivery of the harmonies and the demons represents the harder part of the music and subject matter. This album covers murder, revenge, death, alcoholism unhinged and dealing with grief. We knew we wanted a demonic title of some sort to really symbolize the darkness and aggression of the subject matter.

MetalTitans: Bobabflex has been around for a bit. I recall getting one of your early records from a friend that was working at Eclipse Records at the time. Am I accurate to assume that Bobaflex believes that slow and steady wins the race? You haven’t had a huge breakthrough, but you’re releasing consistently strong records.

Shaun McCoy: No, I should be rich now! [laughs] We set out to do this until the people stop caring or we find the Holy Grail. Band members have been slain [left the band] and it’s too late to turn back now, Camelot is so far behind us we'd probably perish on the journey home. We've been on big labels like TVT, small labels, had investors and been independent. At this point it's just what we do. This is our job 24/7. If I don't put out records rapidly and tour my daughter doesn't eat and I can't pay rent. So we are blessed to do what we love and have crew, manager, a souped up RV with flat screens and custom bunks. I live well on the road and get by at home, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want custom muscle car and a big house with a pool. Hopefully a song on this record takes us there. If not, I'm gonna try to get a Kardashian pregnant! [laughs]

MetalTitans: No question that ‘Eloquent Demons’ is Bobaflex’s best work to date. Did you think this is the case or do you even think about that?

Shaun McCoy: Thank you.  We are just a ‘well-oiled machine’ at this point. This was supposed to be an ep but we felt like the fans deserved more. Plus I hate going out and having unfinished songs. What if I get eaten by a velociraptor on tour? What happens to the song? I'll tell you what would happen. My brother would finish it and take all the credit for my genius! Fuck that, I can't let that happen. [laughs] On this record we focused on making a tight, Sabbath style record. Eight or nine tunes that weren't us going out on limbs or tangents this time. Meat and potatoes, what we do best. We had a criteria, memorable guitar riff; if Beavis and Butthead can't hum it, fuck it! Big chorus, our strong harmony presence and no frills. In and out and to the point. I think it worked, we're very proud.

MetalTitans: What’s been one of the most frustrating moments in your career as a musician?

Shaun McCoy: Legal entanglements and bus problems. Don't sign anything, not only without a lawyer, but a strong comparison to what is beneficial in relationship to the current state of the market.  Also, losing members because they just met a girl. Then the girl dumps the guy anyway. Lol

MetalTitans: What’s a ‘Spinal Tap’ type experience that you’ve had? You haven’t gotten lost on the way to the stage, have you?

Shaun McCoy: Yes we have! In arenas on the first Gigantour with Megadeth. Plus reading bad reviews out loud in the early days, like the, "Shark Sandwich=Shit Sandwich." You brought up our first album, Primitive Epic. It was once reviewed similarly to the Spinal Tap review. The guy said, "Bobaflex Primitive Epic. Primitive? Yes. Epic? No."

MetalTitans: You’ve got a new tour to promote the album; since this is a headlining show how much of the new record do you think will make the set? No doubt you’ll include “Longtime Coming” as you’ve shot a video for the track. Not that I want the specifics, what are the chances “I Am A Nightmare” will make an appearance?

Shaun McCoy: On the first tour supporting a new album, you want to ease a few new songs in while making sure you play the classics. As the cycle moves forward we'll interval the entire album into the set, changing it up every three shows. You gotta let the fans take the record in for a while. I'm sure by next summer half the set will be newer tunes. Nightmare opens the set right after the intro plays every night! We've also added “Off With Your Head.”

MetalTitans: In addition to being a musician what other gigs have you had in the past? Aside from music what have been the best and the worst, and why?

Shaun McCoy: Is college a gig? [laughs] That’s my biggest regret not finishing and I could have an advertising degree in two semesters. I left school for Bobaflex and that's been that ever since. I've been a waiter and a line cook. A line cook sucks because you work your ass of for 10 hours a day for peanuts. I'd rather make peanuts doing this!

*And now for one of the biggest fuck ups that I’ve committed next to referring to Ernie C of Body Count as D-Roc. Shaun was a great sport and rolled with it. My apologies!

MetalTitans: If you were to go back in time to talk with a younger Marty McCoy what advice would you give yourself about a career in music?

I'm Shaun! The older, sexier brother by the way! [laughs] I would say, grow your hair out, don't wear sweat bands and baggy pants because the trend dies quick. Don't sign with anyone until Atlantic comes knocking. Jason Flom from Atlantic [Records] wanted to sign us but we were gridlocked by another deal. It was truly heartbreaking.

MetalTitans: How do you prefer get you music these days? Streaming, MP3, CD or vinyl?

Shaun McCoy: iTunes all day, I'm slowly building vinyl. I just feel that 99 cents is a steal for a song you love. Streaming is a good deal for the listener but it's much harder to make money for the artist. However, it will be the main monetary source so we are embracing Spotify. It will be our new sugar daddy, so listen to Bobaflex on Spotify today!

MetalTitans: What are five essential albums that you take with you on the road and what is it about them that make you love them so?

Shaun McCoy:

Motley Crue-‘Shout At The Devil.’ A simple, stripped down, aggressive and mean rock record. It goes for the throat and never pretends. The guys are animals and the album represents them perfectly.

Guns n Roses-‘Appetite For Destruction.’ The best rock record of all time. It's dark, nasty, beautiful, sexy, and scary and was recorded with very little polish. What you hear is the band, and they groove and rock like a locomotive. Slash is my favorite guitarist and Axl [Rose] is well, the best front man ever, for alley way rock n roll anyways!

Wu-tang-‘Enter The 36 Chambers.’ This group will never happen again. I could go on endlessly, I'll just say this; they are the Led Zeppelin of hip-hop.

Queen-‘The Flash Gordon soundtrack.’ This was my introduction to rock n roll through the film. I've re-bought it in some form or another my whole life. Operatic guitar leads, Freddy's beautiful vocals and overdriven riffs. I listen to it every week to this day.

I’d say either Stones or Zep, I got most of their records. My iTunes library is littered with their massive amount of iconic tunes. I can't pick an honest favorite.

MetalTitans: What’s a motto that you live by?

Shaun McCoy: I go by my favorite literary character, Conan the Barbarian. "I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, & am content." Also, "Don't fuck people you don't want to have offspring with. Just get a blow job!" [laughs]