JUNE 14th 2014
Review/Photos By: Char Tupper

A few nights ago, I got to experience the one, the only, “BRIT FLOYD, The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute Band.” Let me just say, this was definitely 10 times better then the one I saw a few months back, “The Pink Floyd Experience.” This tribute band studied and evaluated the band, and nailed every single song they performed.  That being said, lets talk a little about Brit Floyd for those who aren’t die-hard fans.

Brit Floyd returns on their “Discovery World Tour,” a stunning new 3 hour performance focusing on the chronological musical journey Pink Floyd took from 1967-1994. The brand new DISCOVERY tour showcases the trademark Pink Floyd arch and circle lightshow, while maintaining musical perfection of the classic songs. Forming the band back in January of 2011, the group has had overwhelming success, deeming themselves as none other then “The World’s Greatest,” which is pretty big talk for a tribute band. I will say at first, reading that statement, I thought to myself, wow, that is a little presumptuous of them to say, especially being one of many Pink Floyd Tribute bands in the world. Then I got to sit in the audience and experience this first hand and I was impressed. The light show was beyond amazing, so unique and one of a kind compared to many rock and metal acts today. The bands performance, comparing to my one other “Pink Floyd Experience”, these guys sounded pretty damn close to the real Pink Floyd, and they hit every note perfectly. They performed a range of songs from the classic “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II”, while also playing “Run Like Hell” and “Pigs (Three Different ones)” and many others. The band has done more then just their homework, that my friend, is an understatement. This super group of tribute bands, has perfected the idea of doing covers while keeping the true spirit of Pink Floyd alive. They have the respect and love of them, and have kept it that way.

Next time they are in your neighbourhood and you are a die-hard fan of this classic band, go check out the World’s greatest Pink Floyd tribute band, BRIT FLOYD.