AUGUST 11th 2015

Review by Richard Steven Hensey
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Brit Floyd - The Worlds Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute band landed in Vancouver to celebrate the Space and Time World Tour 2015. Brit Floyd is Damian Darlington (guitar, vocals) and Ian Cattell (bass, vocals) front the ten-piece group and guided the band through a setlist that spanned the entire fifty-year existence. These guys were obviously real fans who respected the band and wanted to give a true proper tribute.

From the 30-foot round video screen playing video clips and showing old Pink Floyd pictures to the very authentic sound of the performer’s vocals; all the details were in place. The most impressive thing, obviously, was the sound coming from the stage. The Amazing guitars, precision drums, beautiful backing vocals, and spot-on keyboards would generally be all one could ask for in a live show. Literally, the band held nothing back and had every sound effect on full force.

After two, one hour sets broken up by a 20 minute intermission the show was a combination of Pink Floyd’s entire career from 1967 to 1994. Brit Floyd performed one of my favorite songs “Wish You Were Here”, and it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it is having an entire crowd singing this song in unison. It was also great to see them perform some of the music from the lesser known earlier albums as well. If you are a Pink Floyd fan or just want to see an amazingly well done stage performance, do yourself a favor and take in a Brit Floyd show. Being powerful and true to the music you won’t be disappointed!