MAY 28th 2018

Review By: Ruben Mosqueda

Lamb of God are currently on tour supporting Slayer on the first leg of their ‘farewell tour.’ Once this leg wraps up they will be on the second leg; it’s going to be a year full of touring for Lamb of God across North America. Much like their heroes Slayer they have recently tried their hand at a mostly core and punk covers record. There’s a parallel between Slayer ‘Undisputed Attitude’ and Lamb of God as Burn The Priest’s ‘Legion: XX.’ As a fan you’re not crazy about a ‘covers’ record which more often than not are a project that is directed by the label as a stopgap between the last record and the new record. Covers records can be written off as a ‘novelty’ or as a cash grab by the label to release a band from their contract or worse yet; when a band has run out of ideas. None are the case here; the band is pretty much locked in with their label, who supports their work and promotes their releases, they are far from stagnant and they still create viable, heavy music. 

‘Legion: XX’ is also a great opportunity to expose the LoG fanbase to some relatively underground acts like; The Accused [who I’m very familiar with having grown up in the Northwest], Cro-mags, Sliang Laos, and Big Black. Also in the mix is songs by Ministry “Jesus Built My Hotrod,” which has been played to death by radio and MTV, yet it sounds incredibly fresh here, plus you get an opportunity to hear some slide guitar on a Burn The Priest record! A somewhat predictable choice [and completely non-pc] is S.O.D.’s “Kill Yourself” which is right up the band’s alley and is the blueprint for what would become Burn The Priest [and Lamb Of God]. “Kill Yourself” doesn’t stray too much, if at all from the original version, it’s a bitchin’ rendition.  “I Against I” originally by The Bad Brains was done to perfection and made me go back and rediscover The Bad Brains discography.

In my opinion the highlights on ‘Legion: XX’ are; “Inherit The Earth” [The Accused], “Kerosene” [Big Black], “Honey Bucket” [The Melvins], “Kill Yourself” [S.O.D.] and “I Against I” [The Bad Brains]. I don’t know how much off ‘Legion: XX’ the band is performing on this summer run with Slayer but any of the aforementioned would be wonderful. I know I could always look on Set FM, but sometimes you wanna be surprised.  Of course, heading into the summer touring season, it would be fantastic to have new [original] music by your favorite band to listen to when they make a stop in your area. ‘Legion: XX’ isn’t that, but don’t completely disregard this album because it’s ferocious, it has entertainment value and it hits the mark. This album also gives you a snapshot of the origins of Burn The Priest which in turn became Lamb Of God.