OCTOBER 25th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Well if you are a death metal fan, a true death metal one that is, then this is the show for you. What a brutal line up.

Was a little disappointed walking into the Rickshaw and there were not many fans there, I was late and still able to walk up to the front, that’s fine by me though. So INTERNAL BLEEDING, out of Long Island, New York is first, but wait, they are death metal, but it’s a slam death. Internal Bleeding are often cited (along with Suffocation) as one of the earliest forerunners of the "slam death metal". I’ll tell you what it is: Slam Death Metal is a subgenre of brutal death metal  that focuses on slow or midtempo (as well as breakdown-style) sections built on chromatic, palm-muted riffs - so called "slams". There, just in case you didn’t know, because I sure didn’t. And of course with brutal, comes the mosh pit happenings, try as you might, when the band asks for a circle pit, it’s a circle, not run and slam into the people in front. People need to go back to school and learn their geometry. Anyway, the band had people moving and shoving, and it was quit clear that the floor was filled with fans.

Next tonight is PYREXIA, another New York band, that grabbed the audiences attention. They also caught mine, I am not a big fan of brutal death metal, but I did like that there was some momentum to tap your feet/hands or head bang. Not all fast as you can, with a lot of noise attached. But don’t get me wrong, they are still brutal, and that’s what had everyone’s attention. They put on an excellent set.

Hailing from Kenosha, Wisconsin, JUNGLE ROT takes the stage next. This is where the venue filled more. It takes some talent to be able to mix together some old school thrash, death, crossover hardcore, and punk to get your own sound. But take a look around the room, and the crowd was thoroughly enjoying this set, with a mixture of older and newer songs, they had the fans attention for sure.

SUFFOCATION, yet another New Yorker, is a band well known to all. And on this tour vocalist Ricky Meyers,  a close friend of the band is taking the helm, as original singer Frank Mullen, just couldn’t make it for this tour. Meyers, did an outstanding job by the way, as did the whole band, who cranked out their music to a room full of metal heads. And of course, there is always one in a crowd that seems to think he should be up on stage. I don’t know how well he faired after a couple of jumps off the stage, and one off the tall speakers, where no one caught him. I am sorry, but I don’t enjoy when others get up on stage, my focus is always the band, watching them play their instruments, or just the way they stand up there to sing. But you can tell everyone was having a brutal time with the songs that were played.

The next, and last up tonight, is who I came to see for sure, Canadian Hyperblasters KATAKLYSM. Now tonight is also a special one as Jean-Francois Dagenais, had tonight just returned to tour after going home to become a proud Dad. Congrats JF. So the team is complete once again, and they cranked it up. Maybe a little too much, as drummer Oli’s peddle broke, and we were lucky enough they had another they could use, only to start up to Steph’s bass not working, but that was a quick fix, and then they were off, completing a well rounded set to perfection. For me, I had just seen them in April on the Kill the Elite of  North America Tour, and yes, maybe there were some little glitches tonight, but they handled it with professionalism. They carried on and gave 110%. Lots of energy, great selection of songs, everything, just fit together perfectly, but that’s Kataklysm for you. Always enjoy their stage time, never have I been disappointed.

There are only a few dates left, so make sure to catch one of the most brutal tours of this year:

10/31 Sudbury, ON @ TBC
11/1 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
11/2 Rouyn, QC @ Paramount
11/3 Montreal, QC @ Foufounes Electriques