AUGUST 1st, 2014

Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with CELESTIAL RUIN, a local band out of Vancouver. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1.  So tell us how the name “Celestial Ruin” came about ? Who put the idea out there ?

Adam came up with the name. It was his idea to put together a female fronted Symphonic Metal Project.  He had had the idea about forming the project for about 8 years. Having a clear vision of what he wanted, he knew is started with finding the right voice. After almost 3 years of searching he found Larissa, then started to piece the rest of the line up together. The name itself means "Heavenly Destruction", beautiful vocals with deadly rock/metal instrumentation.

2.  You classify yourselves as symphonic rock, what is it about your music that makes it that way ?  

Our heavy orchestration. It receives as much focus as a lead guitar part would and is easily one of the most important factors in our music. We feature such sounds Strings, Brass, Orchestral Percussion and choirs to create a more theatric sound. It’s meant to be powerful and creative. It’s a very European styled music, the genre is huge over there. We are the first band in this part of Western Canada to do it and be recognized for this style of music.

3.  Tell us how each of your members came to be in the band :

Larissa Dawn (Vocals) - Larissa was first spotted by a friend of Adam's (he was part of an Indy label in Calgary). They saw her in a karaoke music video on Myspace. He contacted her and told her his friend (Adam) was forming a project that he felt I would be a great fit for. He sent Adam my information and we agreed to meet up at the same Karaoke bar where the original video was shot. She sang "Somebody to love" by Queen and "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. At the end of the evening Adam offered her the spot as lead singer for the project.

Eriz Crux (Guitars) - Eriz is the newest member of the CR family and it took over 7 months of searching and auditioning to find him. After the constant posting of ads and auditioning of potential candidates, Eriz contacted us and asked if we were hopefully still searching for a guitar player. Larissa set up the audition which contained 3 CR songs. Eriz came in and blew the songs out of the water! After 2 call-back sessions the entire band agreed he was the guitar player who could step up our game. We offered him a place in our "family" and he happily accepted.

Mike "Dikk" Dagenais (Bass) - We had an ad posted on craigslist that we were in search of a bass player. Mike answered the ad. However, we almost sadly lost him...he cancelled his first audition with us! However, Adam stated the band should arrange another time and bring Mike in. Luckily we did! Mike was an amazing bass player and had a great image and energy on top of his skill. We knew right then and there he was it and offered him a spot in the band that night!

Nathan Laughlin (Keys) - Nathan was found right after Larissa, after answering an ad that Adam posted on Musolist. Larissa, Adam and Nathan had there first jam together at Charts jam space in Burnaby. Nathan had , and to this day still has more knowledge about this genre then any person we have met to date. He has a Bachelor's in Music and was looking for a Symphonic Metal Project. CR was one of 2 bands that were hoping to have him join. However, we were the only Symphonic project and the choice was easy.

Adam Todd (Drums) - He is the founder of Celestial Ruin. He created the original project and was responsible for recruiting the original line up. He has managed the band since the beginning, has booked shows, events and was responsible for the setting and implementation of all branding opportunities, such as logos and merchandise. Deals with the licensing, registration and publishing of all CR material. He also acts as first point of contact for industry personnel (press, labels, etc.)

4.  How long have you all been playing together ?

Celestial Ruin has been a band for almost four years.

5.  You have one album under your belt “The Awakening”, how has that been received ?

It has been incredibly well received with favorable reviews publications such as; Ravenheart Music giving it 8.5/10, Melodic Hard Rock Today gave it 99/100, Rockstar Weekly Magazine gave it 4/5 stars and Femmemetal webzine gave it 73/100, just to name a few:)

6.  Who wrote the lyrics for it ?

Larissa writes the lyrics and vocal melodies for the songs. "Behind These Doors" was the first song she had ever written and was the first song completed for  "The Awakening".

7.  Where did the inspiration come from for the lyrics ?

They come from everything. There is a lot of emotion put into her lyrics. She writes about everything from, werewolves, love, dragons, anger, how she happens to be feeling that of the new songs for the upcoming EP were all written when she was recovering from a tonsillectomy.

8.  You did an opening for Moonspell/Leaves Eyes/Atrocity, that show was killer, how did it feel to be a part of this killer line up .  By the way, you guys did an amazing job as well.

Thank you! Opening for those bands where a definite highlight for us! Leave's Eyes was the nicest and most supportive bunch of people we have had the pleasure of working with. It was great to finally work with a major Symphonic Metal band. We hope to play with them again in the future.

9.  How was it that your band got to be on this bill ? Do you apply for it, or do the promoters ask you to be part of the show ?

This show came about due to a cultivation of a solid working relationship the promotion company Invisible Orange. After a string of successful shows, they offered us this opening slot, as well as an opportunity to compete in Wacken Battle Canada.

10.  Celestial Ruin competed in the first ever Vancouver edition of the Landmark Showcase at the Redroom Ultra bar. The band placed 1st out of 13 bands and advanced on to August 9th at the Rickshaw Theatre for the Landmark Showcase Finals, but the way you guys nailed it at the Redroom, definitely the best band there that night. First place, how does that make you feel ?

AWESOME! AMAZING! GRATEFUL! We were extremely excited that our style of music was finally getting noticed in the Vancouver music scene.  The fact that the music fans in North America are starting to take notice, and appreciate this style of music is an affirmation, that sticking to what you love, will garner success. The support and enthusiasm from the crowd that night was inspiring and invigorating.

11.  Will you be doing a similar set to what you played at the Redroom on Aug 9th ? It was a really unique set, a variety, not all the same.

Yes, we believe in showing our versatility and that this style of music has many forms. We will be taking the quality of show that we had at the Redroom and cranking it up to 11!

12.  After this event, what are you plans for Celestial Ruin ?
After Aug 9th we will be focusing on writing new material for the upcoming album. It is too early to tell you the name of the producer, however if you follow this genre you will know his work (Epica, Xandria, Revamp, Stream of Passion).
We will be posting updates regularly regarding this on our facebook page.

13.  As a kid, growing up, what type of music did you enjoy ?
Larissa has been influenced by a lot of mainstream and musical theatre. She loves many styles of music (her Ipod contains everything from Trace Atkins to Rammstein), but her favorites are Symphonic Metal (Kamelot, Within Temptation, Epica, Nightwish, Evanescence) Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Idina Menzel, and lots of 80s rock! (Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Heart, Motley Crue etc.)
Adam : There are literally songs in every genre that you could find on his playlist. from Classical, to thrash to rap .. If is has a good groove and a good melody, Adam will listen!

Mike: He has always loved 80s hair metal...Favorite bands include Motley Crue and Megadeth. He has the bass line of "In my darkest hour" tattooed on his arm and morphs into the bass line of the CR song "Asylum".

Eriz: Eriz was fascinated and inspired by all forms of art since a very young age and
takes influences from anything that sounds good, with particular interests in melodic/symphonic power metal, progressive metal, classic rock, classical/orchestral music and soundtrack music. He focuses more on the music, then specific artists.

Nathan: He is influenced by anything  that is female fronted symphonic metal. One of his favorite bands is "In This Moment", and also Holst, Tchaikovsky, John Williams, Llizt, Bach, Gershwin, Film/trailer music, Nightwish, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Glam Rock & Hair Metal.

14. Did you listen to anyone that really inspired you to belong or start a band ?

With this being different for everyone, the easiest way to answer would be to list a couple of bands which helped for the vision and sound that has become CR.  Nightwish, Kamelot, Within Tempation, Delain, Evanescence just to name a view..

15.  What would surprise people the most about Celestial Ruin ?

The most surprising to most people who talk to us, is that we are the polar opposite of you standard rock band. We are not heavy partiers. After a show we would rather hit a drive through , then go to sleep. While we are not straight edge, we prefer to expend all of our energy on stage, to put on the best show possible,  rather than saving it for the after party. There is a time and place for partying, for us, Showtime is not one of them.

I really hope to see you and Char out at the finals.
Cheers, Larissa