JUNE 4th 2016 

Review by Ayako Mayumi
Photos by Peter Ruttan: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/chevelle/

A great mixed excited crowd packed the sold out Showbox Sodo on June 4th, 2016, waiting on the well-known alt metal heavy weights Sick Puppies and Chevelle. This was a over 21yrs of age show so anyone under the age missed out. For the guys and gals who were all in attendance, priming themselves with drinks witness a pure rock show that evening. Old hippies and glitterati came together under this one roof united under the common banner of good old metal rock.

The Sick Puppies trio opened the night hailing from Australia, formed in 1997. They are celebrating there 5th album named FURY which was released just this past month. The band is made up of Emma Anzai on the Bass, Mark Goodwin on Drums and newest member Bryan Scott on Vocal/Guitars. Bryan replaces long time member Shimon Moore. I have never seen Sick Puppies perform live before and I was really impressed with all 3 members and how they gel quite nicely together as a band. When the lights dimmed balcony dwellers, table huggers and standers alike tossed up their hands and bobbed their heads to the beats of the Sick Puppies.

There are no words well two words to describe the relentless bass powerhouse of Emma Anzai. KICK ASS! To see a girl thump on that bass was speechless and to let the boys know girls can rock just as hard or harder on stage. She owned the bass as the hair was flying, the fingers were smacking and the room was rocking with her. Drummer Mark Goodwin made it look like child’s play as he banged away on his kit, matching the strings in both speed and precision pounding out the driving rhythms of ‘Stick to your Guns,’ a song that drew much audience participation at its chorus. As mentioned earlier newest member Bryan Scott was strong in his own right. This guy for me is the right fit for the band as he cranked out hits like “Die to Save You” and “White Balloons”. Towards the end of there set Bryan asked the crowd if anyone was a Rage Against the Machine fan as they played into Guerilla Radio which got the crowd really going. I recommend seeing this band as they give 110 percent. See you soon SP!

Chevelle hails from Graylakes Illinois and they are not strangers to Seattle. They sell out most cities when on tour and tonight was no exception. With over 4 million in album sales the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Pete Loeffler, Sam Loeffler on drums and Dean Bernardini on bass guitar. If you’re not familiar with Chevelle and to hear them live there tone is a hard-hitting sound. For there 90-minute set, they played selections from each era of their career which kept the fans on there heels wanting more. This band stays true to their sound and touris their asses off. Apart from the brilliant song writing mixing alt rock and metal, you can always expect an amazing live performance, striking stage presence and impressive energy from start to finish. They opened the set with Ouija Board and the crowd whiped out there phones and began singing and recording. Pete Loeffler’s ability to transition from gritty to clean vocals was spot on. His brother Sam on the kit was as always on par with the drum beats working with Brother-in-law Dean on Bass. These guys really seemed to enjoy playing together. Its a family thing and it works!

The crowd joined in to the power hits such as (“The Red,” “Face to the Floor,” “The Clincher” and “Forfeit”). “Hats Off to the Bull” was also one of the crowd’s favorites as it got one of the biggest responses with singing, bouncing and dancing in the pit. Sorry no moshing this night for this reviewer. The only bummer here is that the show had to come to an end but there is good news. The band will have a new album out in July titled The North Corridor. So be sure to go see them and pick it up. It will be worth every penny!