NOVEMBER 13th 2015

Review by: YouFO

Release by: Ripple Music November 13th

Josh Sandulak
Devin Purdy
Richard Hepp
Brett Whittingham

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

This is the third LP release by this band, and it was recorded in just over 2 weeks in February of this year. The travelled to Portland to work with Adam Pike of Toadhouse Studios. While in Portland they intended to explore the heavy sonic principles of the Pacific Northwest while embracing Portland’s music scene.

Track List:
01. Fuller
02. Seattle
03. Give Way
04. Backwater
05. The Wailing Sound
06. End Time
07. Hard Living
08. The Return

Let me just say this, the bass thunders along, the riffs are what you might expect from this kind of sounding band, a good thing by the way, and drums pull it all together. Lets not forget vocals, they are forceful, and so complete this album. Listening to this, I can see that they took the time to explore Portland and grab some of the music that rocks and grooves. They have done a great job of creating their sound and giving it over to us to enjoy. If you know Chron Goblin, they may have a touch of rock to them, but I really get that stoner feel to it. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, it's a chance to sit back, relax and just enjoy. That is what I got from the album. Personally not a stoner, but I did enjoy these tunes.