JULY 10th 2016

Review by YouFO

Record Label: Out Of Line Music

Released as: CD, deluxe double-CD, double-vinyl, strictly limited fan box containing double-CD plus exclusive DVD of COMBICHRIST performance at Summer Breeze festival 2015 in Germany. 

Band Members:

Andy LaPlegua - vocals
Joe Letz - drums
Eric 13 - guitar
Brent Ashley - bass
Nick Rossi – drums

Track Listing:

01. We Are the Plague
02. My Life My Rules
03. Glitchteeth
04. Exit Eternity (feat. Ariel Levitan)
05. Skullcrusher
06. Time Again
07. Destroy Everything
08. Tired of Hating You
09. Don't Care How You Feel About It
10. Blackened Heart
11. Pay to Play (feat. Chris Motionless)
12. Slakt
13. Black Tar Dove Pt. 1
14. Black Tar Dove Pt. 2
15. Homeward (feat. Ariel Levitan)

The Norwegian-American electronic hard rock/heavy metallers COMBICHRIST return with their 8th studio album "This Is Where Death Begins", on June 3 being released through Out of Line Music. Produced by Oumi Kapila (Filter), plus Combichrist’s own Andy LaPlegua, and mastered by Vlado Meller (Red Hot Chili Peppers/Slipknot).

What can you expect, well I wasn’t too sure, I am not a fan, but what I heard here was some monster guitars riffs, some amazing drum blasts, and a force to be reckoned with. This is probably what you would expect to find in the hard punk clubs around the world, but it has something, a sound that pulls you to listen. Even though I am not a fan, I can appreciate the talent, and the sound they have created. I would definitely recommend this, to all genres of music, it has a bit of something for everyone here. Give it a try, I think it will surprise you.