AUGUST 21st 2016

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS is up first tonight, a black metal band from Olympia, Washington. I have seen these guys many times, and I still can’t get my mind around them calling themselves Black Metal, they are more a doom, dark sound, and appearance. It is not who I would have picked to open for the other bands, they would have suited another tour. Now don’t get me wrong, they did a great job of their set, the crowd was supportive. That is what it is all about.

Next is who I am going to talk about the most, … SHINING, a Swedish Extreme band that went from black metal with doom influences in their earlier stages to a more progressive extreme metal sound band’. Shining has also been called Suicide black metal, promoting the harm in all forms (drugs) for example. Why would anyone promote the use of drugs, we have all seen what it can do, and why do you want to harm your fans, that is what I call #!*% evil. I personally didn’t know what to expect, I had been told that he cuts himself on stage, didn’t see that happen. But did see him take a shot glass, down it, and then throw it at our photographer in the pit. What an ass. No respect for anyone or their gear I guess. I am not a prude; I have seen many a strange thing on the stage. But again, he pulls her hair, which she didn’t see coming as she was taking photos at the time. Anyway, the music was good, and everyone wanted to see them because after being together 20 years, this was their first appearance here. The floor was filled, and I was able to stand up front and witness full force, Shining. I am going to say that it has to be all an act, to catch attention. I am use to that with some bands, I mean some go way out in left field, but even Watain, Marduk respect the photographers. Sure by all means, if fans want to interact with Niklas, by all means, go for it. Their set was good, they had it nailed down. Our photographer even enjoyed their set. There is a lot of talent from all the members, guitar riffs, drums, bass, all captured the attention of the crowd in Vancouver especially since it was a wide range of rock / metal / groovy / ballad, and so much more, and add Niklas vocals to the mix, it is without a doubt something you will remember.  

ORIGIN is next, a teaser before the headliner. Origin is straight up death metal, although they call themselves Death Shred. No doubt, just listen to Paul shred. They had a phenomenal set, with all members giving it all. Jason is constantly moving around the stage, belting out those tunes and getting some great response from the crowd. The floor when I looked around was packed, always great to see fans appreciating the talent of the band. It has been awhile since I have seen Origin, but was it possible that they sounded even better than the last time, oh you bet. It was hot outside, and the venue was even hotter, and no fans(electric) for the bands tonight. But did they care, no, they do what they always do, blasting drums, shredding that guitar, making the bass thunder through your body, and vocals that just didn’t stop. Fantastic job guys. Thank you.

Okay, the headliner tonight, is BELPHEGOR, intense and epic, full of blasphemy, a hellish evil, gripping you by the neck and ravishing your very soul.  It has been 6 years since I have seen Belphegor, last time was 2010. A lot has happened over the years with them, but holy crap, they have gotten even better if that is possible. I was able to stand up front for a while, but I knew I would have to move with them on stage, the moshers go crazy, almost ballistic. They moved around the stage, played a lot of their songs, a variety, but you know you never get enough. They are definitely leaving a trail of destruction behind them. Full on in your face performance. Out shone everyone on this tour, but you expect that with the likes of Belphegor. Don’t expect to relax, sit back, you will get a kick in the ass or face (not literally) but you will feel the impact of Belphegor, they are going to roll right over you like a steam roller. Tonight was an absolutely amazing show, so don’t miss your chance to see this tour.