JULY 4-6th 2014
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

To begin with, I followed 3 of these shows (July 4th - Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC / July 5th - Studio 7, Seattle, WA / July 6th - Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR ), and wishing I had covered more. That’s right, after the first show I knew this tour was most definitely going to be a memorable one. I will tell you right now that it’s the best so far for 2014, for me. I have covered plenty of shows, covering the same shows in different cities, but this one, by far is my # 1. Just such a fantastic lineup put together.

First up on stage in Vancouver would have been Hour of Penance, but they were forced to drop from the tour, so BLACK CROWN INITIATE stepped in to fill the spot. https://www.facebook.com/BlackCrownInitiate , hard to believe at the time an unsigned band from Reading, Pennsylvania, I don’t expect that to last long.  I had recently seen them on tour with Behemoth. Haven’t heard of this band, I myself wasn’t familiar with them until the Behemoth tour either, but I will tell you, they surprised me, for a fairly new band, they did a first rate job on stage, for all three shows in fact, they are more a modern progressive death metal band. I enjoy the 2 different vocals, making it a different, and a little more unique from the other bands in that genre. They always look to be enjoying what they do up there. The crowds, they were there for them, horns high, headbanging. I think word is out about this band, and I can see great things happening for them. Even after 3 shows I was not bored, I stood up front for their set.

Next up is a band out of Montreal, Canada, NECRONOMICON https://www.facebook.com/NecronomiconMetal/info , this band has been around since the 90’s, and I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they are like every other Death/Black metal band, they’re not. They bring something different to the stage, something unique, and with a lot more ambiance. I have had to privilege to watch Necronomicon many times including on Barge To Hell, and I will continue to see them when they come to town. Always an excellent set, a variety of songs, and what I like the best, is that all the songs they play, don’t sound alike. Necronomicon is without a doubt one of our leading Canadian bands, that excel at what they do. Just taking a look around the room at each of the shows, the floor filled to watch them, to head band, a few mosh pits opened up, but most were there to appreciate what they gave. A lot of people were looking for their merch stand after their set. Even when they had vehicle problems, they strived hard to get to each venue, to give the fans exactly what they wanted to hear. This is not a band to be missed. I wish I could have taken the time to see more shows. I will have to be satisfied with the 3 I saw. They nailed it. Go see for yourself. Can’t wait for their return.

This next band needs no introduction, FLESHGOD APOCOLYPSE https://www.facebook.com/fleshgodapocalypse ,  Symphonic Death Metal / Classica from Italy. This band has risen quickly, since 2007, that’s pretty fast, but all you need to do is witness their stage performance and you will then realize exactly why they have reached so high. Stage presence is exceptional, especially with the addition of Veronica Bordacchini, a soprano singer to add an amazing touch to their songs, again, this band has something unique, they are not the usual raw, brutal death metal, it’s all about bringing something much more to their performances. Something I find very refreshing, because it makes each song different, it doesn’t just all blend into one long set of the same thing. There was more moshing happening while they were on stage, but most, were horns and headbanging (making it much easier for me to stand up front and enjoy). All 3 dates, were so amazing to watch, it was flawless. Come back soon.

Next up, the headliner - SEPTICFLESH  https://www.facebook.com/septicfleshband/info
Symphonic Death Metal at it’s finest. What you will notice on this tour is that Sotiris is not there, but someone really capable and accomplished is in his place, his name - Psycon. What can you say about SEPTICFLESH, everyone knows the power behind this band, and it still amazes me to watch them play, to see the perfection in their work, and to also see such talent. You know, I am really at a loss for words, to try and explain what it is that makes them so exceptional, but I will do my best. For one thing, they are not a band that just writes to put out songs, a lot of time and thought goes into them, giving us the fans something much more when they hit the stage. They are not your typical death metal, you can sing along, you can understand the words. Musically, each one of the members, all 4 of them, execute their songs to perfection. I almost can’t tell you what they played, I was enjoying their set so much, and at each of the 3 shows. It’s pretty obvious that they are superior in their performance. The fans, oh yeah, they were there, they filled the floors, maybe in Portland there were not many people, but I can tell you, they were probably the most energetic, and showed their enjoyment. And we all know that when you enjoy something so much, it feels like 3 songs and its over. They started off with Pyramid God, then playing some from their newest album Titan (which by the way is an outstanding CD), from Communion, and of course The Great Mass. Going beyond limits, exceeding, surpassing, that is exactly what SEPTICFLESH accomplished at all 3 shows. I hope it’s not long before they return, so we can enjoy all over again.

What made this tour so darned good, was the fact that each and every band on this bill played an outstanding set, each of them brought their best to the stage. Each song was pure enjoyment. Even though death metal, it was not all noise, and fast as you can, but rather pure raw enjoyment, and really, that is why 3 shows was just not enough. The line up of bands definitely made the difference. Like I say, this is not a show to be missed, if you want to really see a bad ass, memorable show, this is it. Sadly there are only a few days left on this tour, make the effort, get out there and support.