MAY 3rd-6th 2015
Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

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For this tour, with these bands, I just had to do more than one, so 3 it had to be. This tour started off in Mexico City on April 24th, and it will end May 19th in Atlanta, Georgia, 24 dates of performing and a whole whack of miles travelled. Just for fun, I added up the miles, just from city to city, no extras involved, and it worked out to approximately 15,706 miles. Yikes, a lot of time spent on a bus. But I, and I am sure many fans, appreciate what the guys go through to get to their music out to the fans. That’s why it’s also important to buy some merch to show your support, and there is some great merch to be found on this tour. All three bands are supporting their latest albums, Septicflesh “Titans”, Moonspell “Extinct”, and Deathstars “The Perfect Cult” on this tour.  

Time to travel from Vancouver, BC to the first of the three, Portland, Oregon (May 3) at the Panic Room (used to be called Tonic Lounge). It is a nice little venue to hold a show, but an extremely small stage and tight for space. People there, didn‘t care about such things though, we were there for the overall enjoyment. The only disappointment was that Deathstars didn’t make it, they were in an accident, a hit and run, luckily, everyone was okay, but enough damage was done they couldn’t make the Portland show. That didn’t stop us from enjoying the bands that did play though. First up was local called ZORAKARER, with an American Symphonic Black Metal style, they captured the audiences attention. I think a lot of their own fans were there to watch them play. They did a great job, and they performed well up on stage. Next up is MOONSPELL, and I don’t need to tell you about these guys from Portugal, who have really carved out a name for themselves. They played a variety of songs, and each one, had people head banging, singing and thoroughly appreciating the band. Moonspell I have seen numerous times including on Barge to Hell, and each time, I think, wow, these guys are good.

Next, we all know the headliner, the Greek gods  - SEPTICFLESH, from Greece, a symphonic death metal band, with talent far beyond words. The venue may have been small, but if you were lucky enough to be right up front, you got a right up close and personal experience, which was phenomenal. A variety of old and new songs played, and each one executed to perfection. Flawless performance by all, and I for one, could have stood there for another 2 hours, listening and revelling in the talent of such masterminds of their craft. WOW!!!

The second show took me back up to Seattle Washington to the venue Studio Seven. Tonight there are two local bands, first one being “DEVILS OF LOUDUN, who I have seen previously in Seattle, and tonight they put on an excellent show, this is a  six-man melodic death metal band, and they have the talent to play a great set, great opener for tonight. The other local is “TERRA MORTA” from Tacoma and this 4 person team is all metal. The had some trouble at first with the equipment, but got it working and played an well rounded set, checking out the room, people were enjoying. And now, a first for me, of course, because it’s the first time this band has hit North America, WOW. DEATHSTARS, from Sweden may call themselves Industrial metal, but they rocked the house, you have got to check these guys out, they put on one heck of a show, lots of energy, great songs, and the girls in front were almost swooning. ;) They just have that beat that captures and holds your attention for their whole set. Set was way too short by the way, but an excellent one. Great job guys. Up next is MOONSPELL, again, another well executed set, the songs they play are ones that everybody was head banging to, it’s always amazing to watch a band that has it all together, with everyone on stage performing to perfection, showing their talent to the fans who are eagerly await each song. I would also like to add here that Fernando had an extremely sore, or infected throat, but he was a real trooper and carried on as if there was nothing wrong, I for one couldn’t hear anything different.

SEPTICFLESH came on next, and well, this band also happens to be one of my favourites. What I forgot to mention, this tour is their first in North America with a new drummer, on December 15, 2014 Septicflesh announced that Kerim “Krimh” Lechner (Behemoth/Vesania/Decapitated) would be the new man behind the kit. Let me tell you, Krimh is the perfect fit for this job, fast, accurate and nailed their set every time. He makes a great addition to the band. So many of my favourites were played, and I stood right up front, with a huge smile, and enjoyed every last second. Once again, I could have stood up there and savoured even more. But I am not finished, I still get to see one more show. So the tour heads to Spokane, WA and I drive back up to Vancouver to catch them for the final time.

Opening tonight in Vancouver is SAINTS OF DEATH, who are all about the death metal groove rock sound. They did a great job of putting all of that in one package. They were a little too heavy to be an opener for this tour, (just my opinion) but they had the crowd going, and people enjoying, and coming in and straight up to the rail. Good sound. Next of course is DEATHSTARS, 2nd time and still so impressed with these guys. They really put a lot of energy into their shows, and they just grab your attention and don’t let go. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and enjoyed the talent behind these Swedish rockers, Whiplasher, Nightmare, Skinny and Vice, pretty cool names, would love to know how they acquired those. They put on a great show to an enthusiastic crowd. I hope they return soon. Up next is Portugal’s MOONSPELL, and in Vancouver Fernando was able to get some meds to help him along the way to improving his health, not to worry, it didn’t affect the show at all, pure professionalism. Being on tour is hard, and it must be even harder when you become a new dad again for the 3rd time, congrats to Don Aires, bassist. So much happening with this band, and yet they do an amazing job once again (3rd time), giving us in Vancouver what we have come to enjoy about Moonspell. Like last time, Moonspell had an extra bonus for Vancouver, Mahafsoun, who came out twice to do her belly dancing during the performance. She definitely had all eyes on. Such a great performance again by the band. In fact Moonspell has never disappointed.

Now for the final, last time for me to watch and enjoy SEPTICFLESH, it really is fantastic to be able to watch the band you so delight in 3 times, but it also brings a sadness, truthfully if I could, I would attend every date on the tour, and I can assure you, I would never get bored with their set. I always admire a band that can pull it all together, be so professional up on stage, and give us more than 150% every time, that is talent at it’s best, they have proven over and over again just how well they perform together, and how accomplished they are. The floor was pretty full when they hit the stage. I of course was up front, the best place to be to witness the outstanding performance of Septicflesh. The talent of Seth, Christos, Psy Con and Krimh, put these guys together, and you have one hell of an amazing line-up that performs above any other. Music like this, you know time was taken, thought was put into it, so that they could give us something so remarkable, something we soon won‘t forget. It never fails, I have seen Septicflesh every time they have come to the Northwest, and they consistently give 150% to both their performance and to the fans. I do love that they put so much into their music, something that just makes them stand out above all others. They in fact have been back 3 times in a year, and I for one appreciate that, but now it looks like it might be awhile. I can wait though, because I know a new album will bring their return soon, and I will be here, waiting anxiously, knowing full well, I am going to get something outstanding and incomparable from SEPTICFLESH.