JUNE 17th 2016 

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

This is a three day event, Jun 16/17/18 and if you were interested in a 3 day pass for the festival it was only 80.00, with each day being a 27.00 ticket, so you saved 1.00 if you bought the 3 day pass.  The event took place not outdoors, but at the Hindenburg in Vancouver, it is called the newest/oldest venue. New, didn’t see any of that, old, most definitely. This building is really old and doesn’t feel like a sound structure anymore, and the washrooms, well let’s just say, it needs major improvement, or have someone cleaning them throughout the night, it was gross.

I didn’t want to see all 3 nights, as I was looking forward to two bands, Wolvhammer and Taake, sadly though Wolvhammer didn’t make it across the border. I was really looking forward to seeing them, there was a good friend I was hoping to see. Taake, never seen them play before and black metal can be really good with the right music and members. 

The bands on the bill tonight were Auroch, Dire Omen, Sempiternal Dusk, Scythe Bearer, Shataan, Funeral Throne, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, and Taake, in no particular order, and I am not even sure who played, because I don’t know the black metal scene that well, and no one introduced the band when they got on stage, I have no idea of who was who. Auroch, I know, and would loved to have seen the guys play, but got down to the venue too late I guess and missed them. The one band I did enjoy, well two actually, but the first one I saw that I enjoyed was Funeral Throne, they are from the darkness of the UK. Excellent set, great in the way of their musical style, and vocals were amazing. I could also understand them. I was impressed, in fact I stayed the whole time to watch them play. Now the other bands, well, maybe some were musically sound, but as soon as vocals came into play, not my style whatsoever, to stand and just kind of grunt into the mic was a pure waste of my time, sorry, but I do like a band with talent, that can encompass it all. So let’s just say, I spent most of the night outside the venue. Which I have never done before. Then Taake took the stage, and I was happy, THIS was true Black Metal at its best. I would have preferred a better venue to showcase the talent of the band, but I will take it at the Hindenburg, my first experience. The other bands of the night, please, take a look and listen to what Taake has created in the depths of their souls, something dark, something that is pure evil if you will. Me, well I just enjoyed watching them give 100% on stage. They played a variety of songs, all of which I enjoyed, especially since I was at a safe distance. They truly are creative, fantastic music all came together with the vocals, and for me, all in a steady in your face beat. Which I admit I admire. Phenomenal job. The only thing that really, and I mean really ticked me off (putting it politely), is the idiot photographer up front, that kept raising his camera above his head to take photos, go somewhere else, let the people behind you enjoy the show.

The two bands that made it for me was Funeral Throne, and Taake.