FEBRUARY 12th, 2014

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here talking with CRESCENT, a blackened death metal band out of Cairo, Egypt. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1.  How did you come up with the band name Crescent ?

It’s a common sign in our part of the world, Amongst the Arabic speaking nations. Had it on our old flags and it even goes back to our ancestors were a Crescent shaped crowns were worn by different ancient Egyptian gods.

2.  When did the band officially become a band ?

I would say by having our first recorded EP year 1999-2000.

3. How did each of your members come to be in Crescent ?

Crescent's founders are basically myself and Amr Mokhtar, we had several band lineup changes throughout the years but we have been having the current lineup including Moanis Salem for almost 6 years. Mohamed Adel recently joined the ranks as a session guitarist for now and we all feel great having him with us. Rehearsals sound way cooler lately, heavy as it should be.

4.  Why did you choose a blackened death metal genre ?  Is this hard to become established in Egypt ?

Our first EP titled Edgar Allan Poe's Dreamland was purely black metal. After this EP by couple of years we had almost a full length album ready to be recorded but we decided to change our still and to incline towards death metal. It was an insane move sacrificing those tunes and throwing them in the trash bin but I felt like I wanted to do something different. We recorded after that an EP titled "The Retribution" which can be classified as death metal or melodic death metal with Egyptian sound influence. As we go along the way our sound also evolved so I don't really stick to a certain genre but probably blackened death metal has its own interesting sound that combines both together and doesn't confine me to compose in a certain direction.

It is impossible to be established in Egypt, Metal is a rebellious music and this is against our culture or any other conservative society so it will remain limited to a certain amount of audience or musical scene yet we have couple of places to perform at and have many studios of course to practice our music.

5.  Is this something you have always dreamed of doing, a band ?

Yes indeed since I was a kid. Being on stage in particular.

6.  Did you have anyone that was your inspiration for it ?

Before I started playing any instrument, definitely the older bands back in the 90's were my inspiration, and definitely when I bumped into my older cousin shelf of cassettes and CD's! I would spend hours looking at each single artwork of every record.

7.  When you were a child/teen, what types of music did you enjoy listening to ?

Rock music when I was 13 years old. So yeah naturally born rocker! So are the rest of Crescentians I presume.

8.  Who writes your lyrics for the songs ?

Amr Mokhtar ( drummer ) and myself.

9.  When the person is writing a song, where does the ideas come from ?

Mainly its my surroundings, what I view on different media means, people and social interaction.

10.  You are currently working on an album “PYRAMID SLAVES”, how is that coming along ?

Coming along great! It took us a long time to finally get it all together. This is going to be our first full length album. Musically its quite diverse. Its Epic, fast, melodic yet heavy and aggressive. We finished our recording sessions and it’s currently in the mastering phase. Quality wise we are very happy with it as well, we believe it will be one of the best albums in this genre.

11.  Have you decided how many tracks will be on the CD ?

Seven tracks and the running time of the entire album will be one hour long.

12.  Do you have a video that will be released ?  Which one, and why that one ?

We are considering that for sure.

13.  Whats the best thing about being in Crescent ?

Lately you get the chance to shut off completely from all your surroundings. like politics, stressful life patterns or work and you enter a total different domain once you step in the studio and start unleashing your uttermost power in this room. Quite therapeutic I would say.

14.  Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that you think others might need to know about CRESCENT ?

This is not another blackened death metal or whatever the genre is. This record that is coming to life took a great struggle and lots of hard work. Give it a thorough listen when it’s out and support Crescent!!! Hails from the ancient land - Egypt www.crescentband.com

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.