AUG 7th 2016

1: Crobot is set to release Welcome to Fat City on  Sept 23rd. 
Can you tell us the recording process of the new album and the challenges in creating to the followup of Something Supernatural?

We worked with Machine again on Welcome to Fat City and this time recruited legendary engineer Alan Moulder to handle the mixing duties. Our beards are tickled with anticipation to release our latest effort.  
Luckily, having worked with Machine on Something Supernatural, we already had a comfort zone established and jumped right in to getting the process started.

2: What have you guys done differently from your last album Something Supernatural? Do fans still expect heavy riffs and great lyrical content on the album?

Our approach always remains the same. We write songs we would want to listen to. We get into a room and jam, I’ll spew some stories about an interspecies love triangle or an interstellar galactic pirate battle. Proudly, we wear our influences on our sleeves and we stretched the ends of our spectrum a bit. But, it’s still a Crobot album front to back.

3: What was your main sources of inspiration in creating Welcome to Fat City?

Take some two pieces of Motown bread and spread it with some Black Sabbath.  Two equal handfuls of Zeppelin and Clutch. Slices some Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine and toast it.  Add a small portion of Black Crowes for good measures. Then, remove top with as many slices of funk as you’ve got.  Voila! You’ve got a Fat City soundwich.  

4: Do you see a resurgence in the classic rock sound? Do you think Rock is dead?

More people seem to be paying attention to the scene now. Bands like Rival Sons, Red Fang, Clutch, & Queens of the Stone Age could all argue to have at least some influence from classic rock and have been making some really great music for quite a few years. Rock never left. People are just starting to listen more.  

5: Who are your key influences in the music industry past or present?

We’re huge fans of Clutch, The Sword, Graveyard, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, Orange Goblin…hashish….we could go on and on. 

6: Hailing from Pottsville, Pennsylvania tell us the music vibe from there and how you guys wanted to make it as a band.

Well, we don’t spend too much time at home anymore; so, we haven’t gotten a good chance to see the state of the scene in the past few year. When we started the band, there were a lot of metal bands in the area and we realized quickly that we were going to have to put ourselves in front of some different crowds.  We play music for us and I think that is apparent to anyone, no matter what style of music you’re into.  

7: In performing live what do you believe is the key to keep the audiences/fans attention?

Be yourself.  Bullshit, however viscous, is still transparent.  

8: Tell us about the set list that you will tour with. Are you doing a lot of the new songs from the new album?

We are doing about half new and half old material, but we constantly move songs around in the set list. 

9: Crobot has played small venues to large stadiums to cruise ships. 
What are the differences in playing live to these different outlets and is there a favorite that made you feel like “this is awesome”!

You never know what you’re getting into until you hit the stage. This year at Hellfest in Clisson, France, we had the opportunity to play this amazing festival.  But, it was one of those instances where 10 minutes before we went on, we looked out and there were barely any people there. Once we hit the stage, it was a few thousand deep. You just never know, until you hit it!

10: Some bands do pre-show rituals before they hit the stage. Some say a prayer or have a shot of JD and the list goes on. Is there anything you guys do?

Hopefully, smoke a joint. 

11: When on tour do you guys take things seriously with curfews and eating or do you guys party and enjoy the moment? Do you guys have a good road story to share?

We choose our battles, wisely. We can party and keep up with the best of ‘em.  But, sometimes the long drives and lack of sleep are enough of a buzz already.  We always have a good time, though.  That’s the easy part!
12: How would you describe Crobot in one sentence?

Dirty groove rock.