SEPT 11th 2015

Review by Richard Steven Hensey

Crossfaith is Japanese metalcore band hailing from Osaka Japan. Crossfaith in the last couple of years have toured Europe and North America with groups like Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice and Men and performed on Reading and Leeds Festivals along with the Vans Warped Tours in 2014-2015.

They achieved a major debut 2014 in Japan. Their major 1st album will released at the same time in 119 countries of the world on September 16th, 2015.

XENO is produced by Josh Wilbur who has worked with AVENGED SEVENFOLD, LAMB OF GOD, HATEBREED and is mastered by Ted Jensen, "Xeno" takes the groundwork laid by 2013's "Apocalyze" and 2012's "Zion" EP

Their music combines loud and electro metal with peppered melodies, shimmering synths, and beating drums. Xeno has sonic polish and is well-displayed here plus being relentless from beginning to end. Xeno is not done with blistering speed, dizzy like guitar tremolo playing or orchestral arrangements. Vocalist Koie Kenta has pulled a formulaic heavy rhythmic groove of songs like “Dystopia” and “Madness” where ratchet grooves, bass bombs that kill the floor.

With Xeno I was expecting better things out of the band after there last album release "Apocalyze" and it turned out way better than what I could have asked for. I believe this band has a bright future and for fans of turning up there music loud the future success is greatly anticipated. XENO is a creative and energetic album that has strength on two legs. This is definitely my go to band and something I will listen to for years to come.

Track Listing:

01. System X
02. Xeno
03. Raise Your Voice
04. Devils Party
05. Ghost In The Mirror (feat. Caleb Shomo)
06. Dystopia
07. Wildfire (feat. Benji Webbe from Skindred)
08. Tears Fall
09. Paint It Black
10. Vanguard
11. Calm The Storm
12. Astral Heaven
13. Madness
14. Dance With The Enemies
15. S.O.S.