SEPTEMBER 10th 2014

Photo By: Linda Akerberg

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with IDA EVILEYE(Bass) and MIA COLDHEART(Guitar/Vocals) from CRUCIFIED BARBARA from Stockholm, Sweden. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1.You have been on the scene now for about 16 years, CRUCIFIED BARBARA was formed in 1998 by Ida Evileye and Klara Force, how did it come about to start a band ?

Ida: We all discovered our love for music as teenagers. For me, it was the ultimate and coolest thing to be in a band. That was all I wanted to do at the age of 14 and it still is!

2.I have read how you got your name, but for those who don’t know, can you tell them how you come up with the name ?

Ida: We (me and Klara) were at the Roskilde festival in Denmark, drinking beer and watching bands when we were around 16. One night we saw that somebody had put an inflatable doll (the name for that in Sweden is ”Barbara”) on a cross and we instantly thought it looked bad ass. So that’s how the name was born.

3.There are amazing bands that come out of Sweden, it must be the one country that has the most successful bands, is it hard to get noticed when there are so many ?

Ida: Yes, the competition to get noticed is hard of course but the climate is very supporting between bands. I think since the competition is hard it raises the quality of the band and the music. But at the same time we look after each other and always hang out when we meet at festivals and gigs!

4.Your style is more rock 'n' roll, with metal / punk / pop / thrash and much more, and it is done so well, why did you decide to blend all those together, why didn’t you just pick one style/genre ? Don’t get me wrong, its great sounding, but just curious.

Ida: We’ve never felt like we had to limit our music. We love rock n roll, hard rock, metal and so on, so why not take the best out of all the genres and make into our own thing. It’s also very fun to write songs that way because we never have to think about if the style suits us or not. So it’s a big asset to us!

5. Tell us how you became a member of Crucified Barbara:

Mia Coldheart (Vocals, guitar):
I was looking for a new band and I met Crucified Barbara at a party in the Stockholm suburb Jordbro in 2000. I had seen them play some times at teenage clubs in Stockholm and I thought they were really cool since they reminded me so much of my first favorite bands. And I was actually a bit scared of them ’cause they were so cool and badass… but somehow we began to talk and I found out they needed a lead guitarist, so we decided to give it a try. I went to one rehearsal and after that I became a member of Crucified Barbara.

Ida Evileye (bass):
I started off playing with my friends at a youth center in Stockholm. One night a really cool girl played with her band at one of the ”rocknights” organized by the school and they were looking for a new bass player. That’s how I met Klara. We started our first band and needed a drummer. We had seen Nicki around town, looking amazingly cool carrying drumsticks. All of a sudden we had a band and we named it Crucified Barbara. After a while we felt that we wanted a solo guitarist and we had heard about ”guitar-Mia”, yeah that’s what she was called by many at the time! Just before releasing the first record we came to the point where it didn’t work out with our former singer. We knew Mia had a good voice but not just how good it was. It was very natural for us keep it in the band and we are very happy we did! The rest is history!

6. You have your 4th album coming out Sept 10 though Despotz Records, you have 11 tracks on this one, who wrote the lyrics ?

Ida: Mia writes most of the lyrics. It’s pretty natural since she is the singer and I think she does a great job!

7. Is there something that gave you inspiration to write these songs ?

Mia: It was easier to write the lyrics for this album than the previous ones, but it took just as much energy because I put so much of myself into it. Feelings, thoughts and beliefs have matured and the words came natural. We write the music first in the rehearsal and while playing it, I start to find words and feelings that flows with the song. Sometimes the words come first, sometimes the melody. I get a feeling for the music, the riffs put me in different kind of moods and I’ve learned to listen to the first subjects that my mind tell me should suit the song.

But the main inspiration to write these songs was the short deadline we gave ourselves this time, and the fact that we had so much fun writing together for this album, even if it took us over 5 months of meeting everyday of the week to write and rehearse, we kept going in full speed, like the machine we’ve become.

8. Do you personally have a favourite on this album ? And why that one .

Ida:  My personal favourite (right now) is ”Don’t Call On Me”. I love the intro that in my ears sounds like an epic James Bond song and then the verse really throws you into a heavier mood. I think the chorus has one of the strongest melodies on this album. I also think many people can relate to the lyrics too!

9. How did you decide on the name for the album “In The Red” ?

Ida:  First of all we all love the colour red that symbolizes blood, love, danger and so on. To be ”in the red” is to take it to the limit. If you look at old VU-meters used in studios they peak ”in the red” when the volume is on max. Which it is when we play!

10.What can people expect to hear on this album ?

Ida: Crucified Barbara at our best! Basically a mix of really strong hard rock songs and a great oozing authentic rock sound.

11. You did something unique, you drove your car out to the forest outside of Stockholm, set up your gear, and just played “I Sell My Kids for Rock’N’Roll”, what made you decide to do something like this ?

Mia: We were asked to do a play through video for which is a huge honor!! I still have copies of the magazine from when I was a teenager and bought them for cool tab lessons and great interviews. My head started to spin immediately like always when it comes to visual projects…  I just got a car recently and I’m amazed of how much stuff I can fit in it so I thought, we should use it.. Klara was up for it so yes, we took our amps and drove out in the forrest, and with some kind help from the staff of and my sisters dog Poe we filmed a lot and then I did the editing. But I’m just a happy amateur so it’s not 100% perfect timing but I think you can get an idea how the riffs are played at least. It was fun. Next step is to get the whole band out there.

12.The album cover is really unique, Erik Rovanpera did the artwork, what was the inspiration behind it, or did you have an image and gave it to him and then he worked on it?

Ida: We knew about Erik since a long time ago. (He actually dated my little sister many years ago). We love his work and he was the first person we came to think about regarding the artwork.  We gave him some keywords and told him to integrate some symbols that we wanted to have. The rest is all his work!

13. Can you recall when you realized that you had made it as a band ?

Ida: Haha, I don’t know. I don’t really think like that or see myself like that but playing around the world, meeting fans all the time really makes me think that we are very fortunate to be able to do this!

14.You have toured with some impressive names, is there a band, that you would really enjoy the opportunity to tour with ?

Ida: There are many bands I’d like to tour with. Nirvana, Queen and so on…..AC/DC or Judas Priest could do as well!:)  Besides the music, it’s always nice to tour with nice people that you can hang out with and talk to, that’s not always the case…

15. I see you are also going on 70000 Tons of Metal next year, you must be excited about that ? Have you ever done a cruise before ? I have covered Barge to Hell, and bands played twice, will it be the same on this cruise ?

Ida: We are super exited, I already know it’s gonna be amazing! We’ve only done rock cruises in Sweden before and that’s usually a drunk mess, but fun in it’s own way. From what I’ve heard we play twice at 70000 Tons of Metal. But we could play every day if they want to, that’s what we do best!

16. Do you remember what it was like the very first time you stepped up on the stage ? Tell us about it ?

Ida: Sadly I don’t remember which was the very first one. We did a lot of shows in Stockholm and the rest of Sweden as a demo band. Staying with friends, playing for food and living life. It was beautiful! The future was ours! And now it is!

17. You also have a tour coming up in Oktober/November in Sweden to promote “In The Red”, will you be doing more tours to support after that one ?

Yes, we will. We do a tour in Spain in December and right now we’re planning for 2015.

Presented by Skrikhult
30 oktober – Umeå, Scharinska
31 oktober – Piteå, Acusticum
1 november – Luleå, Kulturens Hus
7 november – Ronneby, Club Ron
8 november – Malmö, KB
14 november – Göteborg, Sticky Fingers
15 november – Jönköping, Denim & Leather
21 november – Sandviken, Backstage
22 november – Trollhättan, Backstage
27 november – Norrköping, Dynamo
28 november – Stockholm, Kägelbanan
29 november – Örebro, Nivå

18. What is the best thing about being in a band for you ?

Ida: The feeling of doing what I love together with the people I love. And while doing this I also get to see the world. Even though I’m not religious, I feel blessed!

19. Have you ever thought about doing anything else ?

Ida: Many times! But I always end up with the same answer, that I LOVE PLAYING MUSIC!

20. Have you had fans give you things while on tour ? What’s the most memorable or craziest one ?

Ida: Wine, French cheese, handwritten letters, toys, used underwear, homemade CB Merchandise, translated lyric sheets, proposal notes, flags, shoes, clothes, a bass guitar. The list is endless! :)

21. Other than band things, what are you really good at ?

Ida: Reading books, eating and cooking food, discussing life.

22. Do you have anything that you wish you really knew how to do ?

Ida: I’d really like to know how to play the drums! I love that instrument; it’s the base in every good rock band!

23. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that I may have missed asking you, but you want people to know ?

Ida: We are mainly a live band and everything that we do is coming alive at our live shows! So, I wanna meet our fans at a sweaty rock club instead of online! And don’t forget; Crucified Barbara loves you!

Thank you (Tack) so much for taking the time to do this interview with us. We wish you much success with “In The Red”, and your upcoming tour.

Thank you! CB wish you the best of luck as well!